Molle storage ideas for jeep wrangler

8 Best Molle Storage Ideas for Jeep Wrangler

“MOLLE” stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. MOLLE storage is a type of storage integrated into your wrangler to aid in carrying the necessary equipment. There are different structures of MOLLE storage equipment depending on your need. 

In this article, we”ll see some of the best MOLLE Storage ideas for jeep wrangler that might help you in picking the right MOLLE for your use and budget.

MOLLE Storage ideas for exterior on Jeep wrangler

MOLLE storage equipment can be installed on the exterior and the interior of your jeep wrangler. MOLLE storage on the exterior parts of your wrangler is made to carry larger equipment that cannot fit inside your wrangler or the equipment is too dirty to be put inside.

Such equipment includes traction mats, shovels, water tanks, fuel tanks, chains, and tie-down sisal ropes. When Off-roading such equipment is necessary, and you can not do without. The following is how you can utilize the exterior of your wrangler to create some MOLLE storage space to carry whatever you need.

Rooftop and roofrack Storage

If you have a roof rack on the top of your wrangler, that is also a form of MOLLE storage as it holds stuff that cannot fit in your wrangler and other equipment that you feel should be carried on the roof rack. Other MOLLE storage panels are attached to the roof rack or the spare tire mount.  

The roof rack is the most common MOLLE storage equipment that is installed on wranglers. This can be customized to add more MOLLE storage equipment such as water and fuel tanks.

But not all roof racks can be accessorized to fit other MOLLE storage equipment. You need to have a roof rack with solid rails and ensure it is appropriately mounted on the top of your wrangler.  

If the rooftop has weak rails ad you put more weight than its maximum load capacity, you’ll end up damaging it. If you don’t have a roof rack, you can have a rooftop bar with a hardtop on your wrangler.

Rooftop bags act as roof racks but can only carry minimal weight according to the roof top’s maximum load capacity. If you have the stock hardtop, the maximum weight it can hold is 70 kgs (150 pounds).

So, if you have a rooftop bag and want to carry stuff in it, ensure that you take it slightly below the maximum weight capacity. Also, ensure that you tie it down properly depending on the anchorage structures of the rooftop bag.

Spare tire mount and spare tire MOLLE storage

The spare tire mount can also be used as storage. There is a spare tire mount rack that gives you extra storage space. Some spare tire mount racks allow you to have both the spare tire and the rack on your wrangler, while others don’t.

If the rack doesn’t allow you to have the spare tire on, ensure you have a spare tire elsewhere or a reliable solution. Just in case something happens to your tires and you need to replace the tire or fix it.  

Apart from spare tire mount racks, some bags are used on the spare tire. These bags have latches that strap onto the spare tire, and you can use these bags as extra storage spaces. You can use these bags to carry some extra stuff that you collect when adventuring, as most of these are rugged and durable.  

If you are using either a rooftop bag or strapped onto the spare tire, ensure you get weatherproof bags. Especially if you don’t want whatever you are carrying to get damaged.

For the petrol cans and water cans, ensure the caps are tightened to avoid spillages. Ensure that the racks are bolted on properly and no mounting nuts or bolts are missing.  

If it’s equipment that requires tying down, such as shovels and traction mats, ensure you do so and confirm before setting off to prevent you from losing such essential equipment. 

Interior MOLLE storage

Apart from the exterior, the interior can also be customized to accommodate MOLLE storage equipment. The interior has more storage potential than the exterior, depending on the amount of stuff you want to carry in your wrangler.

For interior MOLLE storage, you want to carry the most necessary stuff that you don’t want to be damaged by the weather or fall off when driving. Basically, something you wouldn’t want to lose.  

You can find panels or storage pouches with strings to tie whatever you want to store in your wrangler. These strings are made of solid materials and act as tie-down points thus can hold reasonable weight. These can be installed in a couple of places inside your wrangler.  

Behind the seats MOLLE Storage

The most common form of MOLLE storage is having a set of pockets attached behind the seats. This provides extra space for the stuff you don’t want lying around in your wrangler, especially if you constantly have passengers. They are also used as car organizers to help make the cabin look neat.

These are good for storing snacks for long trips and electrical such as small phone cables and dog leashes. Basically, anything that you need is organized and can fit into your pockets. Some do come with support structures that you can support the bags with to use as a workstation or an eating table when traveling.  

Molle storage ideas for jeep wrangler

The stock jeep wrangler seat covers have pockets, but they are not large enough to store many things. You can opt for aftermarket seat covers with extra pockets or get MOLLE storage pockets installed behind the seats without having to remove the stock seat covers.  

Most wrangler owners have MOLLE storage pockets only behind the front seats. MOLLE storage pockets can also be installed on the rear seats. MOLLE storage pockets on the rear seats provide more storage space as compared to the front seat.

The only disadvantage of having MOLLE storage on the rear seats is that you cannot lay down the seats to create more trunk space if you have stuff in the pockets. You can only access whatever you have stored from the trunk.  

The only downside to this is that legroom for the rear passengers is reduced. The passengers might be uncomfortable depending on the size of whatever you have in stores. But when empty legroom is okay, you can permanently remove the storage pouches whenever you are not using them. 

Tailgate MOLLE Storage

Tailgate MOLLE is mainly used on cars with tailgates that open sideways. This is because such doors give good accessibility to whatever you have stores. Most jeep wranglers have tailgates that open sideways; thus are preferable for MOLLE storage bags.  

For most tailgate mole storage bags, you have to install an aftermarket panel with support structures for the loads. The stock tailgate panel doesn’t have any support structure or you can get a panel installed over the stock panel and does not affect the opening and closing of the tailgate.  

Most tailgate MOLLE storage facilities are used to store tools as it saves space compared to having a toolbox in your wrangler. But it is important to note that the Jeep Wrangler tailgate can only hold a maximum of 50 pounds (around 23 kilograms). Ensure you do not exceed this weight by much or have lesser weight in the pockets to not damage the hinges.  

Just ensure you leave space for smooth opening and closing of the tailgate. Do not put MOLLE storage bags covering the rear windshield for clear visibility when you want to reverse, and you don’t have a reversing camera.

Trunk MOLLE storage

This is another common form of storage used to create extra storage. Grilled Panels are mounted on the trunk’s panel, allowing you to strap on or hook on whatever you need to carry. You can strap on bags with pockets for extra storage spaces or directly hang whatever you want on the grills, provided that it does not damage the grills.  

No weight limit bars you from having a lot of stuff in the trunk MOLLE storage spaces. Whatever you carry in the trunk is accounted for in the wrangler’s maximum weight capacity. The only limiting factor is that you cannot take as much as you want to in the storage spaces.  

Molle storage ideas for jeep wrangler

Trunk MOLLE storage can store cutlery and other related equipment such as lighters, especially if you are going off the grid for a while. It can also be used to organize some personal requirements such as clothes and shoes when camping.  

Most tend to think that trunk MOLLE storage spaces decrease the trunk size, but it’s the opposite. Trunk MOLLE storage spaces provide extra storage conveniently as you can identify and access stuff better and quicker than when you have it lying around in the trunk without a proper arrangement system.

Front Visor MOLLE Storage

Front visors hold small tools such as penknives and other essentials such as credit cards, wallets, passports, pens, and basically anything important. It can easily get lost, and you need to access it quickly and fast whenever you need it. But the stock visors do not have many pockets to hold a lot.  

You can get aftermarket visors with extra pockets or visor sleeves with additional pockets that allow you to use the old visor pockets. These will enable you to carry as much equipment as you want to provide that it is not too heavy.

When you take a lot of stuff in the visor pockets, the visors lower when driving, which causes distractions whenever it frequently happens.  You can have latches on the roof panel that hold the visors in place if you notice the visors dropping when you’re driving.

Roll Bar MOLLE Storage

This type of storage involves bags that have straps tied around the roll bar. But mostly, this is applicable if you have your wrangler’s hardtop off or you have a soft top wrangler. If the straps are thin enough, you have the bags on while still having the hardtop on.

These are good for camping as you can have them installed on the roll bar, and you can remove them and carry them whenever you need to. They are lightweight and compact thus do not take up much space in your wrangler. You can store equipment such as emergency medical boxes, a torch, and a compass. Basically, anything that you need while driving or when hiking.

Overhead MOLLE Storage

The jeep wrangler’s roof panel does not have any anchorage structures to attack overhead MOLLE storage pouches on the roof. You can have a grilled panel attached to the roll bars, which allows you to attach bags to the grill on the top. This also provided convenience as you can get whatever you have stored with ease.  

Molle storage ideas for jeep wrangler

The only downside to this is that having too many MOLLE storage bags on the cabin’s roof reduces the headroom, and taller passengers may feel uncomfortable.  

Side Door MOLLE Storage

These are pouches or bags strapped onto the door handles on the interior part of the door. Like roll bar MOLLE storage bags, they can also compact and can be carried around if need be. They can also be used to take the same equipment as roll bar bags.  


MOLLE storage helps you carry more than your wrangler’s space can accommodate, which is a good thing, especially if you are going off the grid for an adventure. You will require a lot of stuff with you. The only downside to having MOLLE storage is reducing the cabin space if you have MOLLE storage overhead and behind the front seats. But this is a small price to pay as compared to the convenience that MOLLE storage offers.