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Barricade Roof Rack and Kayak Mount on Jeep Wrangler | Simple steps to install

Roof racks have been in use for a long time as they are one of the best methods you can opt for if you want to create some extra storage on your wrangler. There are different roof rack configurations that you can install on your jeep wrangler for additional storage.

Still, the barricade roof rack stands out among other configurations, such as the gutter mount roof rack and basin roof racks. There are a couple of reasons why some wrangler owners will go for a barricade roof rack and Kayak Mount on Jeep Wrangler over other types of roof racks.  

Advantages of a barricade roof rack over other types of roof racks 

  • It can be installed on both soft top and hard top wranglers 

Most roof racks are installed on the roof of your wrangler. Thus, manufacturers make specific roof racks for soft and hard top wranglers. This eases the installation process for wranglers with either a soft-top or a hard-top.

Still, you cannot use a soft-top roof rack on a hard-top wrangler, and you cannot install a roof rack made for hard-top wranglers on soft-top wranglers. 

However, the mounting points attach to the frame underneath your wrangler and on the A-pillars near the side mirrors for barricade roof racks. This enables you to use it on both soft top and hard top wranglers as you do not require to attach any structure on the roof of your wrangler.  

  • The ability to remove the top of your wrangler with the roof rack on

Depending on whether your barricade roof rack has removable crossbars, you can remove the part of the factory soft top or hard-top with it still mounted on your wrangler.

If you have a hard top wrangler, you can only remove the freedom panels since the rear panels need to be lifted off to be removed.  

For soft top wranglers, you can roll the fabric backward until a point where you need to lift it off. If you need to completely remove the roof for both hard-top and soft-top wranglers, you will have to remove the barricade roof rack completely. 

But if you have a bikini top or a mesh top, removing both of these tops is much easier with the barricade roof rack. This is because such tops are held onto the roll cage using straps that can be removed from inside your wrangler.  

  • Barricade roof racks are more stable than other roof racks  

Most roof racks are installed on the roof, with a narrower surface area for installation; thus, the roof rack will also be narrow. When you carry too much on a narrow roof rack, it raises the center of gravity higher, which might destabilize your wrangler.  

Barricade roof racks are made wider than other roof racks. Most have a wider span over the wrangler’s body by a few inches. This means that you can carry more on barricade roof racks without having to stack high whatever you are taking.  

Installing a barricade roof rack and kayak mount on a Jeep wrangler

As stated, earlier barricade roof racks are mounted on the frame and the A-pillar. This also stabilizes the roof rack and reduces the risk of your wrangler flipping during body roll, which occurs when cornering.  

  • Barricade roof racks are customizable  

Barricade roof racks are stronger and larger thus can be used to carry a lot than other roof racks. The maximum weight rating is higher, meaning that you can add an amount for heavier equipment such as dirt bikes, kayaks, and even larger rooftop tents.  

With other roof racks, you will be putting the roof rack under stress which might lead to it caving into your wrangler’s cabin or damaging the equipment that you have on the roof rack. If the crossbars are detachable, you can remove them and mount another smaller roof rack on the barricade roof rack.  

Disadvantages of a barricade roof rack  

  • Expensive to acquire 

Due to the advantages and better features that a barricade roof rack has over other roof racks, it is highly-priced than other roof racks. Barricade roof racks are also large thus, they require more materials to produce.

They are mostly made of solid metal alloys for extra stiffness. All these factors influence the high price of barricade roof racks.  

  • Hard to assemble and install  

A barricade roof rack comes in many bits and pieces compared to a standard roof rack which complicates the assembly and installation process harder than installing a standard roof rack.

You also have to bolt and unbolt screws on the frame or drill mounting screw holes, making it even harder. Installation is easier when you install a standard roof rack on the roof of your wrangler.

Barricade Roof Rack for Jeep Wrangler JK 2007-2018

  • This kit is barricade off-Road roof rack system.
  • It comes with an removable cross bar option.
  • Also, this kit has an extra cargo space for more usage.
  • This kit has a textured black powder coat finish with 2″ diameter steel tubing.

How to install a barricade roof rack on Jeep wrangler? 

These are simple steps you can follow to avoid any type of difficulty in sorting and assembling the parts. Steps include.

  • Installing the Front Bars & Windshield Crossbar.
  • Installing the Side Rails.
  • Installing the Rear bars & Rear Crossbars.

Installing the front bars and the windshield crossbar  

  • Unpack all the barricade roof rack bars and ensure that all bars are there as per the content sheet and the installation manual.  
  • Identify the different bars and where they are installed, then place them near their installation points. For example, set the A-pillar bars near the A-pillars on both sides and place the rear bars at the rear. 
  • Remove the windshield hinge bolts starting with the driver’s side, then insert washers into the bolts. Put them somewhere close, as you will use them to install the driver’s sidebar.  
  • Ask for some help as you’ll need someone else to hold the bar for you, and you drill in the bolts. Do not tighten them too much, as you’ll need some play when installing other bars.  
  • Insert the windshield crossbar into the driver’s sidebar that you have just installed, then secure the joint using an Allen key bolt.  
  • Remove the windshield hinge bolts on the passenger side, insert washers into the bolts and install the passenger’s sidebar.  
  • Insert the crossbar into the passenger sidebar before you tighten the windshield hinge bolts, then tighten the Allen key bolt on the crossbar. 

Installing the side rails  

  • Insert the side rails into the front bars. Ensure you cover the rear ends of the rail bars to prevent damage to your wrangler. 
  • Tighten the Allen key bolts on the joints but leave some room for play on both sides.  
  • Find a point to mount the rubber bumpers which support the roof rack when loaded. Drill in the rubber bumpers using 5×30 mm screws and insert washers into screws before you drill them in.  
Installing a barricade roof rack and kayak mount on a Jeep wrangler

Installing the rear bars and the rear crossbar  

  • These three parts must be assembled on the ground before you mount them on your wrangler.  
  • Attach the two bars for each side to the crossbar and then tighten the Allen key bolts at the joints.  
  • Ask for a hand attaching the joint piece to the side rails, and at this point, tighten the Allen key bolts on the joints tightly.  
  • The bars that drop to the frame are attached to the factory holes on the frame. If your wrangler doesn’t have these holes, you will have to drill them. You might also have to remove your bumper if it prevents you from reaching the frame.  
  • Attach the rear bars onto the frame and insert the washer into the bolts before drilling them in. 
  • Install the middle crossbars onto the mounting holes on the side rails, then tighten all the bolts that were not tightened enough during installation.  

Since barricade roof racks are highly customizable and can carry heavier weights than other ones, they can be customized for several uses.

Some wrangler owners use them to carry equipment that is mainly carried on trailers as trailers can become a hindrance, especially when off-roading. You might want to take as much as possible without having to use a trailer, and that’s where equipment mounts come in.  

If you are camping near a large water body such as a lake, you’ll probably need a water vessel such as a kayak or a motorboat. However, you cannot carry a motorboat on your roof rack you the best option is to mount a kayak on your roof rack.  

How to mount a kayak mount on a barricade roof rack?

  • Ensure you have the middle crossbars firmly installed onto the side rails.  
  • Measure the length of your kayak to decide on which crossbars you will install the kayak mounts on. Installing the kayak mounts on the front and rear crossbars are not recommended, especially if you have lights mounted on them.  
  • Install the kayak mounts on the crossbars ensuring that you tighten the plates beneath the kayak mount, which secure the kayak mount to the crossbar.  
  • Test out the kayak mounts by placing your kayak on them using heavy-duty straps to hold it in place.  

Universal 4-in-1 Roof Carrier Rack Canoe, SUP, Kayaks, Surfboard and Ski Board

  • This kit gives maximum protection for kayaks and stand-up paddle boards, which can stop the kayak from rubbing and getting damaged effectively.
  • This kit is made from high quality anodized Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloys, lightweight, durable and also rust-resistant.
  • It come with quick fold down design, which can be quickly raised or folded, when not in use.
  • Also, It can carry up to two kayaks or standup paddle boards due to the multiple position design and the oversized padding and acrylic fabric sleeves that transforms from a J-cradle to different configurations to maximize your roof space.

Precautions, when carrying heavy equipment on your barricade roof rack  

Installing a barricade roof rack and kayak mount on a Jeep wrangler
  • A barricade roof rack can carry heavy loads. Still, every roof rack, including barricade roof racks, has a maximum weight limit.
  • Ensure you check whatever weight you have on your roof rack to avoid overloading, which might damage your roof rack.  
  • Use suitable quality mounts and straps to mount equipment on your roof rack. If you fail to use the amount, whatever you are carrying is likely to move around when you are driving, and this might cause an accident.  
  • Check the height of your wrangler. not all spaces have high entrances, such as parking entrances and drive-throughs. You’ll end up damaging equipment on your roof rack if you drive into tight entrances.  
  • Put markers on equipment on your roof rack. This helps other drivers keep their distance, especially if whatever you are caring about extends over the length of your wrangler.  


Barricade roof racks are the best roof racks you can opt for. They are customizable to carry almost anything regardless of the size or weight, provided that you don’t exceed the maximum weight limit of the roof rack.

You reduce the requirement for a trailer when you have a barricade roof rack, provided that you have mounts and straps for larger equipment that you want to carry.

When camping or off-roading, you need such equipment to improve the experience and use emergency equipment such as spare tires in case of a puncture.