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Best Durable Flat style Fender Flares for Jeep Wrangler

Fender Flares gives a special look to your Jeep Wrangler. One of the numerous reasons why a fender flare is a must-have for every jeep wrangler owner is its essential ability to stop rotating tyres from blowing both liquid and particles into the air.  

But most fender flares in the market today do more than that, some can only do just that, but to get value for your money, it’s essential to know which fender flare does what, why you shouldn’t purchase a certain fender flare or why you should. 

There is a large selection of Fender flares for a jeep wrangler in the market today, but here, I have narrowed it down to 10 different brands to choose from. 

1. Oedro Solid Steel Fender Flares with Front & Rear Flat 

  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK and Unlimited [2 & 4] doors.

This Fender flare is compatible with Jeep wrangler JK of 2007 to 2018, and it is made out of solid steel and unlike other Fender flares, it does not need any form of drilling to be installed.

It comes in color black but can be repainted into different colors to suit your jeep wrangler’s color. 

Jeep wranglers tend to vary in size, and it’s usually a chore having to find a fender flare that fits into a particular length of jeep wrangler.

Still, not this time, this specific fender flare is customizable to fit a larger size jeep wrangler. 


  • It is made of solid steel, so it’s built to last for an extended period. 
  • It can easily be installed without any use for drilling.
  • Multipurpose due to its ability to protect tires from dust, mud, liquid, and other forms of particles that could disrupt the lifespan of a tire.
  • It is perfect for off-road activities.


  • Only comes in one Color; Black. 

2. Yitamotor Steel Fender Flares Black with Front & Rear Flat [Pack of 4] 

  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK and Unlimited [2 & 4] doors.

This Fender flare is compatible with 2007 to 2018 jeep wrangler unlimited JK (2/4 doors). It is made from heavy-duty steel and can easily protect the jeep wrangler’s wheels from sand, dust, mud, scratches and other external damage.

It has a beautiful off-road look due to its slim design, and although it has a small structure, its texture is quite firm. It provides extra tire coverage for larger tires. 


  • It will last for an extended period.
  • It is compatible with both 2 and 4 doors Jeep wrangler.
  • All screws and installation hardware are included with the purchased Fender flare. 
  • It gives the jeep wrangler a more rugged outlook. 


  • Its installation takes up to 2 or 3 hours to install using the necessary tools.

3. Hooke Road Fenders Steel Armor Style Fender Flares with Mud Guards

  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK [Front & Rear].

This particular Fender flare’s design and quality are second to none; it is made of steel. It has an aggressive eye-catching factor due to its vintage design, and it’s premium E-coating Which increases tire clearance for optimal suspension articulation. 


  • It can fit both 2 and 4 door Jeep wranglers.
  • Its premium E-coating makes it stand out among other fender flares. 


  • It needs to be drilled in the rear Fender.
  • Before repainting can occur, if the need arises, the premium E-coating needs to be sandpapered first. 

4. Hooke Road Solid Steel Flat Tube with Front & Rear Fender Flares

  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler Jk [Front &Rear].

This fender flare is a perfect fit for someone who has a passion for going off-road. It is made from 100% steel, so I assure you it’s very durable.

Though slightly heavier than the average fender flare, this Fender flare is still wide enough to provide additional tire coverage. This Fender is the perfect example of durability meets style. 


  • It is made of 100% steel, so its durability is assured.
  • It has a much-loved off-road appearance that is pleasing to off-road jeep wrangler enthusiasts. 
  • It will fend off debris from both damaging the tires thereby securing the lifespan of a tire.


  • It only comes in the color black. 

5. Rugged Ridge Factory Style Fender Flare Kit [4Pcs]

  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler TJ.

This fender flare is a break from the norm, made from indestructible UV-treated thermoplastic. It produces protection to your tires that can rarely be experienced anywhere else. 

The entire point of a Fender flare is to protect a tire from debris and liquids while on the road and off-road. Still, this Fender does more than that, and it provides protection that is certified to last due to its virtually indestructible texture. 


  • It’s virtually indestructible.
  • It is treated by UV light to resist fading.


  • It only comes in the color black. 
  • Being indestructible also means it can’t easily be drilled if the need for modification arises. 

6. Tidal Front & Rear Fender Flares Flat style with Side LED Lights

  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler TJ and LJ.

There are very few Fender flares made out of polypropylene, and this Fender flare is the Mecca of them all. Is both durable and attractive.

It is lightweight and yet is super durable, and it requires minimal drilling for installation. This satin black-colored Fender flare provides 100% UV protection. 


  • Made out of durable and lightweight material. 
  • Provides 100% UV protection. 
  • Protects the tires from dust, debris or liquids.


  • It is compatible with very few models of jeep wrangler. 
  • It doesn’t have a solid feel and may break if it comes in contact with the force. 

7. Omix Stock Fender Flare Kit [Pack of 6].

  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler TJ.

This is one of the few Fender flares made out of UV-treated thermoplastic. Hence, it is virtually indestructible, it comes in 6 pieces, and it can fit into factory mounting holes without any drilling through a little is required if there is rust on the mounting holes. 

Unlike most other fender flare brands, this fender flare does not come with installation hardware. Installation hardware is sold separately. 


  • It is made of virtually indestructible material.
  • It protects the tires from debris or liquids.
  • It protects the tires from UV light rays. 


  • It doesn’t come with installation hardware included. 

8. Xprite Off-road Heavy Duty Steel with Front & Rear Fender Flare Kit

  • Compatible with Jeep Wrangler JK and JKU [2 & 4] doors.

This is made out of premium, heavy-duty, powder-coated material, it comes in stock black but can be repainted to whatever the color that suits the jeep wrangler. Its installation is easy due to its factory fixed bolt installation points. 

It comes with all necessary hardware included, and it is compatible with 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JK JKU (2/4 Doors). This is a perfect fit for off-road activities. 


  • Easy installation. 
  • It comes with hardware for installation. 


  • It comes with a bolt point already installed, so there is little room for modification or styling. 
  • It is not recommended for constant on-road activities. 

9. Paramount Automotive Black Flat-Style Fender Flare [4pcs]. 

  • Compatible with jeep Wrangler TJ model.

This is a vintage-looking fender flare that is manufactured from co-extruded guard construction. 

It offers 100% UV protection and is very durable. It is easy to install, and it is wide enough to accommodate slightly larger tires.

This is an excellent choice for inroad activities because it guarantees to last over a long time and enhance your jeep wrangler’s outlook. 


  • It is durable and easy to install.


  • It is not advisable for constant off-road activities. 

10. Rugged Ridge 7″ Wide Fender Flare kit without Hardware

  • Compatible with jeep Wrangler TJ [6pcs].

This oversized fender flare provides maximum protection to your tires from debris, dust particles or liquids whilst on the road and off the road.

It is made from UV-protected thermoplastic. This is 100% recommended for off-road activities because its significant factor provides maximum protection to the tires from dust, mud, debris, or liquid. 


  • It’s perfect for off-road activities. 
  • It can easily accommodate even the larger size tires.
  • There is a large space between the tire and Fender, so the issue of the tire touching the Fender does not arise. 


  • It is not advisable for on-road activities due to it being oversize.


Some fender flares are meant for off-road activities, and some are meant for on-road activities. It is essential to know which is intended for what because using an off-road fender flare for on-road activities shall do little to aid the car’s aerodynamics and use an on-road fender flare off-road activities shall lead to the Fender getting damaged quickly. 


Contrary to the idea most people have, the size of a fender flare plays a significant part in whether or not it can efficiently perform its duties without suffering wear and tear.

An average-sized Fender flare is perfect for on-road activities due to less debris in circulation around the tires.

In contrast, an enormous fender flare is ideal for off-road activities because it can easily contain debris and prevent it from negatively impacting the tire’s lifespan. 


The hardware that comes with a purchased fender flare is the tool used to install the fender flare, this hardware is custom-made for installing the fender flare, so it reduces the hassle.

Regardless of the benefits of adding the installation hardware to the Fender flares when selling them, certain brands still prefer not to add the hardware.

So when purchasing a Fender flare, it’s essential to decide whether you are interested in getting the hardware separately. Sadly, that’s the kind of deals some brands are offering. 


The texture of a Fender flare is how it feels, very few fender flares have an E-coating which is very important these days due to the constant debris that gets sprayed on the exterior outside of a fender flare.

So, when purchasing a fender flare, one should put into consideration the texture of the fender flare one wants to buy because the surface will determine whether or not the fender flare will still retain its shiny outlook for an extended period.

UV protection:  

UV rays are one of the few unnoticed factors that play a big part in a fender flare, UV light rays negatively affect the fender flare weakening it.

Due to this, certain brands have considered it and provided fender flares that have been UV treated giving it protection from UV rays.


Not all fender flares can be easily installed, some have to take up to 2 hours to be drilled, and then installed, this is because some fender flares do not come with the factory bolt holes drilled in them from the factory while some do.

It is vital to decide whether or not one is ready to go through the hassle of boring holes into a Fender just to install it or just purchase one whose holes have been drilled in based on the manufacturers’ model of the factory. 

Using the points above as a beacon, one can easily decide between the ten different brands listed and choose the brand that best suits one’s jeep wrangler.

A Fender flare continues to be one of the most ignored aspects of a vehicle. With a jeep wrangler being so powerful, following the trend to ignore the importance of a fender flare just won’t be right it will be putting the lifespan of the jeep wrangler tires in jeopardy. 

With all the above, I can guarantee that you will arrive at a brand that suits your needs in all aspects. 


At this point, I am sure that you can find a fender flare that is a perfect fit for you and your vehicle. A fender flare is one of the most ignored parts of a jeep wrangler despite its importance, so picking one that does not meet one’s jeep wrangler’s needs is detrimental to the tires’ lifespan.