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How to fit a snowplow for jeep wrangler and why you need one?

During the winter weather season, snow tends to build up on driveways and roads. Driving in such conditions will put your wrangler at risk of rusting due to ice and salts building up on metallic parts of your wrangler. So, In here we’re gonna see how to fit a snowplow for jeep wrangler.

You can either choose to wait for the snow to be cleared by someone else or do it yourself. Suppose you are doing it yourself and prefer doing it easier and quicker. In that case, you should consider having a snowplow on your wrangler.

Snowplows are efficient for clearing snow off roads and driveways rather than using other methods. Before you walk into a store to get a snowplow for your wrangler, you should consider factors first. 

Front axle weight rating of your wrangler 

Each vehicle has an axle weight rating for the front and the rear axle. The front axle weight rating is the specific amount of weight exerted on the front axle. Every jeep wrangler model has a different front axle weight rating.

Refer to the owner’s manual under the “starting and operating” section to check for the front and rear axle weight rating. When you get a plow heavier than the front axle weight rating, you could lose control of your wrangler when plowing, leading to an accident.  

Types of plow 

  • Straight plows 

This is just a straight, curved blade that is best applicable for small amounts of snow plowing. It is just a simply designed large straight blade, and when using it, you have to tilt it at an angle on either side depending on the direction you want to direct the plowed snow.  

  • V-plows 

These are designed in a V shape to push snow to either side and have a sharp-like tip that aids in breaking thick snow. V-shaped plows also have a scoop-like feature on the bottom end that scraps the snow off driving surfaces.  

  • Box plows 

These are designed for being used on tractors and big trucks. This is because a box plow works by pushing snow stacked in the box-shaped plow, unlike other plows, which work by shoving the snow to one or both sides of the car. Small trucks such as jeep wranglers often struggle to use the box plow due to the weight of the ice.  

Which plow is best for a jeep wrangler? 

You can use a straight plow or a V-plow for jeep wranglers depending on the amount of ice and snow you are plowing. If the ice and snow are thin and you are not plowing snow for long distances, a straight plow is best suited as most straight plows are light and are made for such work. If you are plowing thick ice and snow for long distances, a v-plow is best suited as it is designed to plow such snow and ice.  

What Material is the Plow made of?

what size plow can fit jeep wrangler and how to fix it?

Plows are made of metals as metals can withstand freezing temperatures which is the case with ice. But there are different metals used to make plows, such as aluminum, steel, and metal alloys.

Steel plows are the cheapest, but they are heavy and increase the fuel consumption of your wrangler. Aluminum plows are light, but they are not stronger than steel plows, and fixing a broken aluminum plow is not easy.

Plows made of metal alloys are more like a balance between aluminum and steel plows. For your wrangler, a metal alloy plow is good. Just ensure the weight of the plow does not compromise the front axle weight rating.  

Length of the plow 

Plows come in different sizes. If you are looking to plow commercially or plow wide roads, your plow should be at least 8 feet. If you are looking to plow driveways, estate roads, a plow with a length of 7 feet or even less will work.

Just ensure that the plow is wide enough to plow ice away from your wrangler’s tires to avoid skidding. The best plow length for a jeep wrangler should be above 6 ½ feet.  

Attachment and operation method of the plow 

Most plows are attached to the frame of your wrangler via a plow mount attached to the wrangler’s front frame. The plow mount has an anchorage point the plow. Most plow mounts are universal, and any plow can be attached to it.

For controls, different manufacturers make their plows with rules that are controlled in various ways. Some have touchpads, remotes, and other joysticks. Since snowplows are made to be removable, the controls cannot be permanently installed on your wrangler.

For the plow to work, there must be an electrical system. Most plows have their electrical system powered by the car’s battery. However, some snowplows do not have any electrical system. You have to adjust the plow manually using a lever on the plows.

what size plow can fit jeep wrangler and how to fix it?

These are good if you don’t want to spend much on a snowplow and only plow thin snow and ice. For heavier plows plowing thick snow and ice, an electric control system is essential due to the weight, and also, you wouldn’t want to get out of your wrangler in thick snow and ice.  

How to install a snowplow to a jeep wrangler?

Before installing the plow, you have to install the mount 

Installing the plow mount  

  • Remove the undercarriage deflector by removing the four pushpins that secure it onto the bumper. 
  • Align the holes on the mount with the holes in the frame. Most plow mounts are made to be installed onto the factory-made holes on the frame.  
  • Hand-tighten the mount bolts onto the mount and the wrangler’s frame.
  • Pass the coiled end of a fish wire through the mount and the frame out through the frame’s lower access hole. Insert the coiled end of the fish wire through the mounting spacer and insert the spacer through the frame lower access hole. Thread the bolt onto the fish wire’s coiled end and insert it through the frame’s access hole. 
  • Pull the other end of the fish wire, which will allow the bolt to pass through the spacer and through the hitch. Reach on the inside of the frame and remove the fish wire from the bolt, and hand-tighten the nut onto the mount and frame using a hex flange nut. Repeat this for the other side of the mount.  
  • Fasten the remaining attachment points using the handle nuts that came with the mount. Bend the handle nuts for ease of access into the frame. Hand-tighten the bolts onto the handle nuts and repeat this for the other side.  
  • Tighten all the bolts and nuts according to the torque specifications that came with the instruction manual that came with the mount.  

Installing the plow 

The snowplow comes already assembled for you, and all you have to do is attach it onto the mount and connect the electricals. Most come with wheels and support structures that keep the blade above the ground.  

  • Unlock the wheels on the snowplow and pull it closer to the mount aligning the attachment extension to the mounting structure on the mount.  
  • Remove the safety pin on the mounting attachment on the plow, insert the plow onto the mount, and ensure the holes in the plow and the mount align. Once the holes align, insert the safety pin through the mount and frame and secure it using nuts. Some have a quick-release nut.  
  • Run the electrical harness through the grill or underneath your wrangler to the battery. The electrical harness is split into two harnesses. One for the receiver and one for the plow’s motor.
  • The short-wired harness is for the receiver, and the long one is for the motor.Remove the battery clamps and connect the negative and positive terminal onto the battery and reinstall the battery clamps.  
  • Insert the receiver’s harness onto the harness connected to the battery and secure the receiver somewhere in the engine bay with zip ties or electrical tape.  
  • Insert the plow’s harness through the grill and connect it to the harness that is attached to the battery. Test the plow by controlling it with the control module. The control module can either be a remote or a joystick. Some are wireless, and some have to connect to the receiver and pass the wire through the firewall. 
  • Once everything checks out, retract the wheels and the support structures on the plows and lower the plow if you want to use it immediately. 


Having a snowplow on your wrangler is the best method of clearing heavy amounts of snow on roads and driveways. You can do it commercially and for long distances but ensure you have an extra battery in your wrangler in case the current one you have fails when using the plow.

When the battery fails or gets low on charge, you won’t operate the plow. Plows have a manual lever that helps you lift, lower, and turn the plow whenever the controls or battery fail. Visibility can also be an issue, but you can attack spotlights higher on your wrangler if poor visibility.