How much does it cost to wrap a jeep wrangler?

How much does it cost to wrap jeep wrangler?

Whether you are working on a project wrangler or you just need to change the color scheme of your jeep wrangler, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. You can decide to wrap your wrangler or paint it.

Wrapping a Jeep Wrangler will cost around $1500 – $5000 based on the quality of the wrapping. High-quality wrap will last about 2-10 years whereas lower quality will last only 2 years. You can also choose painting your wrangler as an alternative option. The overall cost to wrap jeep wrangler may come around $2000 – $6000. Also, you have to wax regularly to maintain it.

These are the main two methods used when you want to change the appearance of your wrangler. However, if you decide to wrap it, your wrangler will still have the original paint underneath the wrap, and the wrap will not interfere with the paint.  

You can also wrap your wrangler with a clear wrap that protects the paint from scratches and dents and gives it a better look. Before you decide to either paint or wrap your wrangler to change the appearance, the following are comparisons between the two to help you make a better decision.  

Should you wrap or paint your wrangler

There are many things you have to keep in mind while going ahead with either wrapping or painting as both have their own perks, below are some suggestions, which you should be looking into before deciding what to choose.

Cost Difference

  • Wrapping 

When wrapping your wrangler, the costs can start from around $1500 to $5000, depending on the type of wrap and where you want your wrangler wrapped. If you want to wrap some components such as the hood or the tailgate, the costs will be lower.

Some car owners, including jeep wrangler owners, prefer applying different wraps on different parts or just wrapping specific parts to give their vehicles a distinctive look. 

If you choose a lower quality wrap, it will take cot less than a high-quality wrap, but you’ll notice that the color will fade off quicker than a higher quality wrap.   

If you opt for such a wrap, it will cost you less than painting that part you want to have a different color from the rest of your wrangler.  

  • Painting

When you choose a full-body paint for your wrangler, it will cost you around $2000 to $6000, depending on the type of paint. Some paints can cost almost as twice as much depending on the type of paint and how it is applied to your wrangler.

However, you can use cheap DIY paint sprays to paint your wrangler. Still, these are only temporary solutions before the paint starts fading away, thus causing patches on your wrangler.  

Painting a section of your wrangler will cost less than painting the whole wrangler, which is mostly the case when you are involved in an accident. You need to repaint the fixed part that was damaged. But it is more expensive to paint a specific part than wrapping.  

Quality, durability, and maintenance 

  • Wrapping

If the wrapping job is done by a professional or you, do it well. It will last for around 2-10 years, with high-quality wraps lasting longer than lower quality wraps. If the job is not well done, the wrap will peel off with time, or air accumulates in the wrap, which causes the wrap to stretch.  

When you wrap your wrangler, you do not need to wax it to protect the color from fading away, especially if you have used a vinyl wrap.  

  • Painting

How well the paint job is done will determine how long the paint will last. If you paint your wrangler, you’ll have to wax it to prevent the color from fading away and prevent scratches and dents from damaging the paintwork. But if done well and maintained well, the paint will last for a lifetime.  

Which is easier to apply and remove?

  • Wrapping

If you choose to wrap your wrangler, it can be done quickly and easily, especially if the person doing it knows what they are doing. You just need to get your wrangler cleaned and dried thoroughly.

The wrapping should be done in an enclosed structure to prevent moisture or dirt from settling onto the surface that you’re wrapping. When wrapping, dust and moisture settle on the body panels, and it might lead to an uneven surface if you don’t wipe the contaminants off.  

When you finally decide it’s time to change a wrap, all you have to do is pull it off as it does not damage the paint underneath. Removing the wrap is easier than actually applying the wrap. Anyone can do it, provided they have prying tools to pry off the wrap from tight spots.  

  • Painting

On the other hand, painting involves a whole process. You’ll have to remove the old paint to prep the panels you are painting regardless of whether you are painting the same color as the old one.

How much does it cost to wrap a jeep wrangler?

Removing the old paint by sanding takes a while, and when you start painting, you’ll have to apply several coats of paint and primer to achieve the final color you want.  

Each coat of paint takes around 6 hours to 8 hours to completely dry before you can apply the next coat of paint or primer. This means that it takes longer to paint your wrangler than wrap it.

Painting has to be done in a controlled environment using special tools, making it even more challenging to paint. Removing paint from your wrangler is another complicated process, especially if the paint you are removing has several coatings.  


  • Wrapping 

Wraps are made to mimic paint sprayed on cars. Therefore, they have an almost similar appearance to paint. Wrapping is an easy and time-efficient solution if you want to avoid the long painting process. A painted car will always look better in appearance as the paint has true color pigments.  

  • Painting

A good paint job will always look better than a wrapping regardless of the quality of paint used. Even with DIY paint spray cans, the paint job will stand out if the surface is prepped correctly before painting. The coatings and primer are applied slowly and carefully.  


  • Wrapping

A custom wrap can be designed and printed out for a little more than a standard wrap. Thus making it easier if you want decals or any other graphics on your wrangler.

You are not limited when it comes to customizing a wrap for your wrangler, and it only costs a little more than a standard wrap.  

  • Painting

Doing a standard paint job does not require a lot of skill. It only requires a smooth and steady hand. But when you decide that you want a custom paint job, it requires the hand of a highly-skilled professional to do it. Thus it will cost you more.

A customized paint job can range from around $10,000 to figures above $100,000, depending on the type of paint used and the type of design that you want.  

Pros and cons of wrapping your wrangler  


  • Car wraps protect the paint underneath whether you decide to go for a clear wrap or a colored wrap. If you have an expensive paint job, you can wrap it as a tiny dent can lead to a whole repaint which will definitely cost you a lot.  
  • Wrapping your wrangler is easy to apply and remove and is also cost-effective. If you don’t have the cash or can’t wait to get a paint job, you can get it wrapped.  
  • Car wraps come in a wide range of colors. They are easily customizable at fewer extra costs than a customized paint job. It might not look as good as a paint job, but paint jobs are customization limited depending on the graphics you want.  
  • When you wrap your wrangler, all you need to keep the wrap in good condition is to clean it regularly, unlike a paint job where you have to wax and polish it regularly.  


  • Wraps do not last for long as compared to paint jobs. They are only made to last for about 2-10 years depending on the quality, while a paint job can last for a lifetime when taken care of properly.  
  • Wraps are easily dented and scratched. The original paint underneath seeps through the wrap when this happens, thus damaging the wrap.  

Pros and cons of painting your wrangler


  • Paint jobs last longer regardless of the quality of paint used. If done well, the paint job can last a lifetime. Wrapping is made to last for between 2 to 10 years. 
  • Painted wranglers look better than wrapped wranglers, so you get satisfied by the appearance regardless of the heavy price you are paying.  


  • Painting your wrangler will take longer than expected, and sometimes it can even take days to entirely paint your wrangler.  
  • It is expensive than wrapping your wrangler, and when you choose a customized paint job, it will cost even more.  
  • You have to constantly maintain a paint job, or else it will fade out. Waxing and polishing a paint job is also not easy, and sometimes it becomes hectic if you are not used to it.  
How much does it cost to wrap a jeep wrangler?

Wrapping your wrangler outweighs painting it, and if you choose to wrap your wrangler, the following are some of the main types of wraps finishes you can choose from.  

  • Matte wraps 

A matte wrap gives your wrangler a similar appearance to matte paint. A matte wrap absorbs light and does not reflect light that much. If you want a wrap that will perfectly bring your wrangler’s body lines, you should get a matte wrap.

The significant advantage of matte wraps is that moisture, ice, snow, and dust does not settle in large amounts than other wrap finishes.  

  • Gloss wrap

Gloss wraps look exactly like paint finishes, and only a keen eye can tell whether it’s a wrap or a paint job. This makes gloss wraps more popular than other wrap finishes. A gloss wrap has one solid color which reflects light, thus making the body panels shine, especially when exposed to sunlight.

To enhance the color of the gloss wrap, you can apply a ceramic coating solution that increases the wrap’s durability, just like when your wrangler is painted.  

  • Satin wraps 

Satin wraps are more like a mixture of gloss and matte wraps. A satin wrap is not as shiny as a gloss wrap, but it reflects more light than a matte wrap. It gives your wrangler a classy and silent look. You do not have to apply a ceramic coating on satin wraps, but if you feel there is a need for it, you can go ahead and do it.

The significant advantage of satin wraps is that fingerprints on door handles or other body panels are not left behind after someone touches them.  

  • Carbon fiber wraps 

Carbon fiber wraps resemble carbon fiber, but the wrap is not textured. Most wrangler owners use carbon fiber wraps on specific components such as the hood and side mirrors covers.  

  • Textured wraps 

Textured wraps have a textured surface that resembles almost anything embedded onto the wrap. Brushed metal and carbon fiber textured wraps are the most common textured wraps. However, these cost a little more than other wrap textures.  


Wrapping your jeep wrangler is something you can do from your home garage if you have the right tools, such as a heat blower and squeegees to stretch out the wrap when installing it.

How much does it cost to wrap a jeep wrangler?

Ensure that your wrangler is completely clean and dry before you start wrapping it. If there are dents or cracks on the body panels or on whichever component you want to wrap, ensure that repair is done before you begin wrapping.