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How to install alien sunshade on jeep wrangler hard & soft top?

An alien sunshade is a mesh top made for installation on a rooftop of a jeep wrangler. It can still be used on a hard top jeep wrangler without having to remove the hardtop and the hardtop can be removed without touching the hardtop.

An alien sunshade is ideal when you’re driving in hot weather conditions and having the hardtop on makes the interior of your wrangler extremely uncomfortable due to high temperatures.  So, In here we’re going to see how to install alien sunshade on jeep wrangler.

What are sunshades made of?

Most alien sunshades are made of heat and light reflective materials which work effectively to block heat and light and some even harmful UV rays from entering your wrangler’s interior. Alien sunshades reduce the interior temperature by at least 30 degrees if you get a properly fitting alien sunshade.

They do not fully protect the interior from excessive heat as heat also gets in from other parts such as the windscreen. If you are parking your wrangler in sunlight, you should also consider a windscreen sunshade. 

An alien sunshade can be fitted together with a normal hardtop roof as it prevents heat from the hardtop to the interior of your wrangler but for this, to work you have to keep at least one door open.  

How do sunshades work?

Most wrangler owners ask if alien sunshades work and if they do how do they work. With normal hardtops, when the sun hits your wrangler, the light that isn’t reflected is absorbed in your wrangler as heat which is absorbed in your wrangler seats, mats, dashboard, and any other component that can absorb heat.

When this happens there is no way for that heat to escape your wrangler unless you park it in a cool place and let it cool down. If you have a sunshade installed on your wrangler without the hardtop, the light is reflected directly and no or less minimal heat enters into your wrangler.

If you use an alien sunshade with a hardtop the heat is caught between the alien sunshade and the hardtop thus you have to open one window for the heat to find your way out. Or, if your wrangler’s hardtop has a sliding sunroof you can keep it open for the heat to get out. 

How to install an alien sunshade on a jeep wrangler?

Apart from keeping excess heat put off your wrangler, alien sunshades help protect interior components such as the infotainment systems which can get damaged by excess heat over time. It also protects any paint-coated parts such as the dashboard and the seats which get faded over time due to excess heat. 

Having an alien sunshade on your wrangler also saves your battery power as you will not use your wrangler’s AC to cool down your wrangler’s interior as the AC on your wrangler takes longer to cool down the interior.

By having an alien sunshade, you reduce the cooling time which in turn saves your battery. Excess heat also disrupts driver and passenger comfort especially with small children who are more vulnerable and can get ill due to excessive heat.  

What to consider when getting an alien sunshade?

  • Material quality 

Different alien sunshades are made of different materials. There are alien sunshades that are made of lighter materials that are just meant to be used for a short while and do not provide much protection against sunlight when used in high-temperature sunlight.

These cannot be used for long in any amount of sunlight as they are not made of good quality materials. If you are buying such you can only use it for a short while in the sunlight.

Good quality sun shades are made of good materials which are more durable and work properly in high-intensity sunlight and have UV ray protection which comes in handy for the wrangler occupants who are vulnerable to UV rays.

However, good quality alien sunshades are more priced as compared to lower quality sun shades thus the higher the price the better the quality. 

  • Quality assurance, warranty, and return policy 

Most alien sunshades in the market have been bought by previous users and it is always good to check the reviews of any particular alien sunshade before you buy it.

This helps in decision making and knowing if the sunshade is of good or poor quality. Checking the warranty is also important as you will notice that products with a longer warranty period last and are of better quality as compared to products with shorter warranty periods.

How to install an alien sunshade on a jeep wrangler?

This also applies to sun shades and make sure the seller has a return policy that allows you to return the sunshade if there are issues with it that are not caused by the customer 

  • Fitment 

Different alien sunshades are made for different car models and you should choose the one that is made for your car. The same applies when it comes to wranglers.

An alien sunshade might be made for a jeep wrangler but one that is made for a two-door jeep wrangler cannot fit in a four-door jeep wrangler unless it’s a universal sunshade for jeep wranglers.

Universal alien sunshades for jeep wranglers can be extended and shortened to fit either a two-door or a four-door jeep wrangler. Specifically made sun shades are made to suit a specific model ad whether it’s a two-door or a four-door wrangler. 

  • Type of sunshade 

There are two types of alien sunshades, retractable and fixed. A retractable sunshade is better if you want to enjoy the sunlight when it is not intense and it is easier to install and remove, unlike a fixed sunshade which is harder to remove.

Also, when you want to enjoy the sunlight and to install when you want to protect your wrangler’s interior from intense sunlight which causes heat that might destroy the interior components or make the occupants uncomfortable.

Best Alien Sunshade for Jeep Wrangler

Alien Sunshade For Jeep Wrangler JLU (2018 – Current)

  • Alien Sunshade for jeep Wrangler can be easily installed without dropping the windshield or removing the hardtop and is compatible with the Sky One-Touch Power Top.
  • This Jeep JL Sunshade stays tight with best bungees that fasten around the roll bars and is highway-speed tested.
  • Also you don’t need to remove your Jeep JL Alien Sunshade.
  • This Sunshade is 100% compatible with factory soft and hardtops, you retain full access to all freedom panel latches.
  • This Jeep JL Sunshade is designed to protect from harmful UV rays without sacrificing that amazing open-air topless experience.

Alien Sunshade for Jeep Wrangler JKU (2007 – 2018)

  • Alien Sunshade Jeep Wrangler adds a customized look to your Jeep & can be installed in minutes without removing the rear hardtop.
  • This JKU Sun Shade stays tight with our bungees that fasten around the roll bars & is highway-speed tested.
  • Also you don’t need to remove your Jeep JL Alien Sunshade.
  • This Sunshade is 100% compatible with factory soft and hardtops, you retain full access to all freedom panel latches.
  • This Sunshade UV protected and avoids sunburns with our Jeep Sunshade.

Alien Sunshade Jeep Wrangler YJ & TJ (1987 – 2006)

  • This Sun Shade requires no tools or modifications and is very easy to install. This comes with 11 bungee cords wrap around the roll bars for a snug fit.
  • This Alien Sunshade features high quality polyester, double-sewn edges and treated metal grommets to provide long-lasting protection from the sun without fading.
  • Also this Sun Shade Top is a game changer and a must-have for any Jeep Wrangler TJ or YJ owner who drives with the top off. No extra wind noise and no more sunburns.
  • Once you install this Sun Shade, you don’t have to remove it. This fits into Jeep TJ Shade under the factory hard top and soft top and comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

How to install an alien sunshade on jeep wrangler?

You’ll need to get footman loops that help secure the alien sunshade straps as this is the easiest method to have the alien sunshade on without having to remove the hardtop or the fabric top that comes as an option is some jeep wranglers. Some alien sunshades come with bungee straps that you tie around the roll bar through the bungee strap holes in the alien sunshade. 

  • When it comes for installation, you will have to remove both and rear hardtops and place them in a safe place to avoid any damages. For wranglers with soft tops, you don’t need to remove the top.
  • But, If the alien shade you have has bungee straps, then follow the instructions below.
  1. Identify the front sunshade and then identify the corners.  
  2. After identifying the corners pass the bungee straps around the roll bar and through the bungee straps hole for every corner. This makes it easier to attach the remaining bungee straps to every remaining hole.  
  3. Repeat this process for the back as well.  
  4. Remember to check the installation manual for which part of the alien sunshade should face the sun and which part should face the interior of your wrangler. 
  • For sun shades with straps, you have to attach the footman loops. This is for wranglers that have no space to pass through the straps on the roll bar or the straps on the sunshade are too short to go around the roll bar. If your wrangler has space between the roll bar and the body you can insert the straps around, that is if the straps are long enough. 
  1. To attach footman loops you have to identify the position of the straps on the sunshade. You can attach the sunshade on the roll bar using tape then mark the roll bar using the positions of the straps on the sunshade. 
  2. After marking the positions, remove the sunshade and start securing the footman loops onto the roll bar making sure not to miss any mark.
  3. Identify the face directions on the sunshade and start by attaching the straps onto the corners as this will help you identify whether you missed attaching any footman loop for all the straps.  
  4. Once everything is in check start tying the straps onto the footman loops in an orderly manner to ensure the sunshade stretches uniformly.
How to install an alien sunshade on a jeep wrangler?

After installing the sunshade, you can now reinstall the hardtops for the rear and the front and check if they fit perfectly with the sunshade on.  


Alien sunshades only protect the interior of your wrangler from excess heat due to intense sunlight and do not protect from rain and snow. When using alien sunshades, it is good to have the hardtops or fabric tops in your wrangler, just in case there is a rapid weather change.

Driving with a sunshade on when roofless protects the wrangler’s interior components and passengers from intense sunlight but does not protect from accidents which is the main purpose of having a roof on your wrangler so it is recommended you have your safety belts on every time you are in your wrangler.