How to install a bikini top on a jeep wrangler?

Bikini top on Jeep Wrangler | How To Install and Remove Bikini top on Jeep Wrangler

Bikini tops also referred to as safari tops, are aftermarket tops installed on wranglers mainly during the summer. Most wrangler owners consider it a must-have accessory for their wranglers.

Most Bikini tops cover both the front seats and rear seats but do not cover the trunk. You can get another top called the trek top for the trunk, which covers the front and rear row seats.  

Some manufacturers make their bikini tops so that you can have the hardtop or soft top installed with the bikini top. But most don’t, as this involves splitting the bikini tops for the front and the rear.

This might leave space between the bikini top and the roll bars; thus, rainwater will get into the cabin or the sunlight. Bikini tops that stretch from the windscreen all the way to the rear roll bar protect the occupants and the interior components from rain and excess sunlight.  

Protection against the elements depends on the bikini top that you will get. Some offer maximum protection, like the stock hard top and soft top, while others offer minimal protection.

It all depends on the type of bikini top you’ll get and what condition it is in. When buying a bikini top, you should consider some factors before you walk into a store or shop online to buy a bikini top.  

What should you consider before buying a bikini top for Jeep wrangler?

  • Material 

Bikini tops, just like aftermarket soft tops, are made of different materials. It is recommended that you visit the seller in person to feel the bikini top fabric material. If you are shopping online and the seller hasn’t stated the type of material the bikini top is made of, you’d instead leave it.

If it’s a, must you do bikini top shopping online, identify a seller who has indicated the bikini top material. If you buy a bikini top made of poor-quality materials, it will not last long, and you’ll find yourself walking to the store while regretting it. 

Poor-quality material bikini tops tear very easily when scratched or exposed to extreme weather conditions such as intense sunlight or freezing temperatures. They also tear very quickly when installing them, as you have to stretch the bikini top to completely cover the top.

If you touch the material and feel light and thin, ensure you inquire about the material it’s made of to reassure the bikini top’s durability. Some materials might be thin but are strong enough to last.  

  • Size and Fitment 

You have first to put into consideration the type of wrangler you have. Some bikini tops can fit on all four-door Wranglers, while others can fit on all two-door wranglers regardless of the year of production.

But a four-door wrangler bikini top cannot fit on a two-door wrangler, and a two-door one cannot fit on a four-door wrangler. There are also bikini tops that are made for specific wranglers.  

How to install a bikini top on a jeep wrangler?

For example, you might find a bikini top made for a wrangler Rubicon and not for a wrangler sport or Sahara. The fitment and size difference is very little, but you might have issues installing it.

If the bikini top is small, it leaves a space between the roll bar and the top; thus, water will leak when it rains. Stretching it to the maximum only weakens the bikini top, and it might tear.  

Check the size and fitment allocation on the site you are shopping on or on the packaging. For universal bikini tops, they are usually indicated if they are for two-door or four-door wranglers.  

There are also bikini tops that are made for either soft tops or hard tops. There is not much difference between the two, but ensure you check since the installation procedure might differ.  

  • Price 

Different bikini tops vary in price, from low-priced bikini tops to high-priced bikini tops. Some factors affect the price variation of a bikini top. A bikini top made of cheaper, lower-quality materials is cheaper than a bikini top made of good-quality materials.

Also, if you buy a high-priced bikini top, the seller includes services to make you feel contented with the price. Such services include a warrant or after-sale services. 

Such services reassure you of the bikini top’s durability, and if it happens to have some damage on it, you can return it if it’s the seller’s fault. Some wrangler owners prefer to take the shortcut and get a used bikini top. You have to agree that these are cheap, but you can never know the age or history.  

Some have been stored away for a long and are old. Once the seller cleans them and applies some waxing, they look new and can be sold to an unsuspecting buyer.

Some might have torn in the past then repaired. You never know how well the repair has been done. Once a top is torn, it has a permanent weakness and is most likely to tear at the same place when stretched or subjected to extreme temperatures.  

Used bikini tops are cheaper as compared to new ones but ensure you thoroughly check the condition. If the top is rolled, unroll it and feel the fabric and check the edges for possible tear weak points.

Ask for a receipt as this proves the age of the bikini top. A bikini top is something you don’t want to buy online without physically seeing it, especially if it’s used.  

  • Accessibility and Practicality 

Some bikini tops are more complicated than others when it comes to removal and installation. You want a bikini top that is easy to install and remove always.

Some owners rarely install their tops during the summer and carry the bikini top around. When the sun becomes unbearable, or there is a light shower, they install the bikini top. Bikini tops with straps are easy to install and remove than ones with buckles and pegs.

How to install a bikini top on a jeep wrangler?

Some bikini tops come with mole storage pockets underneath. You can use these pockets to arrange small equipment lying around in your wrangler.  

  • Styling and Appearance 

Some wrangler owners are particular about how the bikini top should look in structure and coloring. Some prefer bikini tops that match some aspects of their wrangler.

Some prefer the bikini top plainly colored or multi-colored. Some companies allow you to pre-order and customize your bikini top with different coloring colors in their catalog. When it comes to aftermarket parts and accessories, most manufacturers do not limit their customers.

Best Premium Black Diamond Safari Bikini Top for Jeep Wrangler

All Bestop bikini tops are made of premium fabric materials to ensure no moisture gets into the cabin. So, when it comes to buying a safari bikini top for your wrangler, Bestop is the best brand to look at in the market.

Regardless of the installation method of the cable style or non-cable style bikini tops, all three models provide maximum shade in the cabin. Also, the fabrics of all the bikini tops mentioned below do not flap around when driving, thus cannot tear due to the heavy winds.

All these factors contribute to the durability of the bikini top. So, overall the price is the only factor to look at. If you are looking for a good quality bikini top you can choose anyone from below, as all models are suitable for your wrangler.

Bestop Black Diamond Safari Bikini Top for jKU (5258435)

  • This top comes with latches that wrap around the roll bar all around the wrangler. This ensures that no moisture gets into the cabin through the edges of the mesh top.  
  • You will have to buy an aftermarket header channel for this top as it does not come with one, and you cannot install it without it.  
  • It covers the front and rear seats and a part of the trunk where the back part of the roll bar reaches. You can opt to have a rear window which is installed behind the rear seats which ensures water does not get into the cabin when it rains.  
  • Installs directly onto the roll bar so no drilling or any other modifications are required. 
  • Good quality fabric with a UV ray protection coating and is offered in different factory colors.  

Bestop Black Diamond Safari-Style Bikini Top for JKU (5259435)

  • This model comes with a preinstalled header channel for easier installation and removal. 
  •  It does not have latches; it has cable and spring cables that hook onto the factory door or surround the aftermarket door.  
  • The cable springs are compatible with factory and aftermarket door surrounds so no drilling or other modification are required to install. 
  • This also covers the entire cabin and some part of the trunk and you can have a window behind the rear seats to waterproof the cabin.  
  • Strong fabric which blocks sunlight and UV rays and does not let water inside the cabin when it rains.  

Bestop Black Diamond Safari-Style Bikini Top for JK (5259335)

  • This is made explicitly for 2 door wranglers and also comes with a preinstalled header channel for easier installation and removal.  
  • It also has a spring cable design which also enhances installation and removal.  
  • It covers the whole top from the windshield to the trunk leaving only the quarter windows.  
  • Made of high-quality fabric which ensures durability. 

All Bestop bikini tops are made of premium fabric materials that ensure no moisture gets into the cabin. Regardless of the installation method of the cable style or non-cable style bikini tops, both provide maximum shade in the cabin.

The fabric does not also flap around when driving thus cannot tear due to the heavy winds. All these factors contribute to the durability of the bikini top.  

How to install a bikini top on jeep wrangler?

  • If there is sunlight, spread the bikini top in the sun for about 10 minutes to allow it to stretch to its total capacity. This eases the installation and prevents sagging after installing it, and it gets heated up by the sun.  
  • While the bikini top is in the sun, install the header channel on the windshield bar. Most bikini tops header channels are held onto the windshield bar using clips with holes for nuts and bolts. Ensure you tighten the nuts and bolts properly to prevent the bikini top from blowing off when you’re driving.  
  • The bikini top has a pocket-like structure at the front, which pockets onto the header channel. Pocket, the bikini top on the header liner, carefully ensuring not to leave any gaps.  
  • After the bikini top has been pocketed, spread it over the wrangler all the way to the back. From the inside of your wrangler, identify the straps on the bikini top that tie around the roll bar or on clips that came with the bikini top.
  • If the bikini top came with clips, you have to install them and ensure you install a clip where the straps are located. In most cases, there are clips and straps for the sides, middle, and rear since the front part is already installed, 
  • some tops have reinforcer bolts that are installed to prevent the bikini top from flapping around when driving. Check for bolt holes on the bikini top and if there is a corresponding hole on the wrangler, insert and tighten the reinforcer bolt for each hole.  
  • There are also two straps at the rear. One on each side tied down to the point of your choice, depending on the length of the straps. These also prevent the bikini top from flapping around when driving.  

Bikini top installation for four-door and two-door wranglers is similar as they have no significant installation differences. The only difference is the length of the bikini top, so ensure you get one that suits your wrangler as either a two-door or a four-door.  

If you decide to remove the bikini top, you do not need to remove the header channel or the clips on the roll bars. This eases the process of reinstallation.  

How to install a bikini top on a jeep wrangler?


Bikini tops are efficient during the summer as compared to both the stock hard top and the soft top. You can keep the cabin cooler without compromising your wrangler that much, and if the weather changes abruptly, you can remove or install the bikini top with ease.

The only downside to bikini tops is that they can be easily vandalized and whatever is in your wrangler is not safe depending on where you park. Ensure you park your wrangler in a secure parking spot with surveillance to keep your wrangler’s interior safe and whatever is in it.