install subwoofer and amplifier in jeep wrangler

How to install subwoofer and amplifier in jeep wrangler Jk?

Whether you have just bought your jeep wrangler new or second-hand or have stayed with your wrangler for a while now, you realize that the sound system isn’t that great or you have been working on a project wrangler, and you want to install a sound system.

You can either decide to upgrade the whole sound system, including the infotainment system, which is a great thing. Still, it is expensive, and that is why most owners choose to upgrade the sound system and install subwoofer and amplifier in jeep wrangler until they have achieved what they want.

Why you should change subwoofer and amplifier in Jeep Wrangler?

There are a couple of reasons that can influence you to upgrade or install an infotainment system on your wrangler. If you are unsure about doing it, here are some reasons you should do so to evaluate them and decide whether or not to proceed.  

  • The factory sound system is just not enough

Different people have different tastes in sound systems. We all have to agree that the factory Jeep wrangler sound system isn’t that great, especially if you like powerful speakers or a sound system with a better surround sound.

Also, wranglers with premium sound systems have a heavy price tag, so you decide to go for trims with the factory’s lowest trim sound system to save some cash. The premium option sound system is also more expensive than buying and installing a better aftermarket sound system.  

  • A damaged sound system in your wrangler

Like anything else in your wrangler, sound systems are bound to get damaged one way or another, either a faulty wiring system or physical damage.

If you can’t stay without a sound system, you will definitely want one as soon as possible. You can opt for a used or new sound system, but most people choose a better sound system than whatever was there if they decide to install a sound system in their wranglers.

  • Limited to customization on stock sound system

When buying a jeep wrangler, there are several sound system options, but none are customizable. For example, the positioning of the woofer or the speakers. When buying an aftermarket sound system, you can customize such aspects to suit your purpose.  

However, when you have to note that not all aftermarket sound systems are that great. You might buy something that you will regret even before installing it on your wrangler.  

Things to consider when buying an aftermarket sound system for jeep wrangler 

In this case, you are only installing a subwoofer and an amplifier. Still, these also affect the door speakers and other speakers installed in the cabin of your wrangler. But you should know that subwoofers cannot work without amplifiers, so buying either separately won’t help you that much.  

  • Type of speaker

You do not have to upgrade the whole sound system of your jeep wrangler since the door speakers aren’t that bad. You can add a subwoofer then install an amplifier. 

install subwoofer and amplifier in jeep wrangler

 An amplifier increases the sound output of the door speakers but no not exceed the recommended watts, which are indicated in the owner’s manual.  

Speakers are categorized into component speakers and full-range speakers. Subwoofers and tweeters are component speakers as they produce only one type of sound. In contrast, door speakers are full-range speakers as they can produce any kind of sound.  

When installing a subwoofer, you might also need to upgrade the door speakers or add others somewhere else to smoothen the sound quality.  

  • The power rating of both the amplifier and the subwoofer

Both subwoofers and amplifiers have power ratings. You should get a subwoofer within the amplifier’s power rating, or you will destroy both. But most amplifiers have a massive power rating, meaning that they can be couples with subwoofers with low or very high power ratings.

You can couple more than one subwoofer to such amplifiers. Do not put much focus on the subwoofer’s maximum power rating. Instead, focus on RMS ratings which measure continuous power handling which ensures smooth sound output.  

You should also ensure that the subwoofer can handle the amplifier’s minimum power output and also check the amplifier’s peak power without any issues to itself or to the subwoofer. The amplifier might be capable of producing a massive power output, but it will not last while producing such levels of power  

You should also check the RMS power of the simplifier, which is the power that the amplifier can produce comfortably without sound distortion.  

  • Size and enclosure of the subwoofer

The size of the subwoofer does not matter a lot, as you should focus on the power rating and all other factors that affect the quality of sound. You should focus on the size of the enclosure and the material. These also affect the sound quality of the subwoofer.  

Some Jeep wranglers come with subwoofer enclosures for the factory subwoofer. You can get a subwoofer that fits in that enclosure or removes the factory sub and enclosure, then installs an aftermarket one you can install somewhere else.  

  • Number of coils

Subwoofers are dual-core or single-core. The only difference between these two is that the dual-core subwoofer offers more wiring options to match and takes more power advantage of the amplifier. There is no notable difference in sound quality if both subwoofers are of the same power output.  

  • Price and warranties

Sound systems are priced differently according to the quality and other extras. Mostly when a sound system is low-priced, the seller does not offer after-sale services.

The product has no warranties, unlike high-priced sound systems, which come with warranties, after-sale services, and extras such as wiring and wiring harnesses.  

High-priced sound systems are of better quality than lower-priced systems; the quality of sound you’ll get depends on your budget. There are also reputable sound system manufacturers and sellers that sell such at high prices.

install subwoofer and amplifier in jeep wrangler

Ensure you do a complete evaluation of a product before you buy it. You can also check the ratings of the products online before you decide to buy.

Best Subwoofer and amplifier for jeep wrangler

NVX subwoofers and amplifiers are some of the best-recommended wound systems for cars. They make a custom sound system for specific vehicles.  

They have the subwoofer and amplifier package for jeep wranglers with several components, either bought separately or as a whole set. Regardless of how you choose to buy, you should have the following for the installation.

  • Wiring kit with which comes with the following – power wire, RCA cable, ground wire, fuse, fuse holder, remote turn-on wire, and a speaker wire. It also has a small zip-lock bag with small miscellaneous equipment.

NVX BE-JP-WUTLD-VSW104v2 Boost Kit for 2007-18 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited Sub Box Upgrade

  • This is a Custom Bass Enclosure made for Jeep Wrangler with amplifier.
  • It is a sealed enclosure designed for 2007-Present Jeep Wrangler models.
  • It has an RMS Power of about 500W.
  • This kit is covered by pressed paper cone and high excursion foam for better durability.

NVX BDA7501 Professional Grade True 750-watt Monoblock Class D B.O.O.S.T Series Amplifier

  • This kit has wide frequency response range from 20-500Hz and provides control over the subwoofer and desired frequency range.
  • It has class-D circuitry, which makes the most out of the limited power of your car’s electrical system.
  • Also, it has an RMS power rating of 4 Ohms: 450 Watts x 1 channel | 2 Ohms: 750 Watts x 1 channel.

How to install NVX subwoofer and amplifier?

  • Open the hood of your wrangler and secure it with the hood latch. Locate the battery which is on the passenger side and disconnect the negative terminal.  
  • From the cabin on the passenger side, locate the firewall opening under the dash, sealed with a rubber seal, and the main wiring system runs through the rubber seal.  
  • Create a small opening on the rubber seal next to the main wiring and ensure you do not cut the main wiring.
  • Insert a fish wire through the opening you’ve created, which will go through the firewall into the engine bay, ensure the wire is long enough so that you have reasonable lengths of wire at both ends.  
  • Tie the power wire onto the end inside the cabin and pull the fish wire from the engine bay until the end of the power wire reaches the battery’s positive terminal, connect it, and then remove the fish wire.  
  • Install the fuse holder near the battery by drilling it into place, then install the fuse. Remove the fuse cover and connect the power wire to the fuse, then reinstall the fuse cover.  

Installing the amplifier and wires

  • The best place to install the amplifier is underneath the front passenger seat or on the side of the center console on the passenger side.
  • Connect the ground wire to the factory ground bolt underneath the seat, then connect the power wire. The amplifier is marked where to connect the specific cables to.  
  • Connect the RCA and remote wires, which run up to the infotainment system, and the speaker wire, which will run underneath the seats to the trunk where you will connect to the subwoofer.  
  • You’ll need to remove the front and rear door sill plates to run the wires through to the front and rear.  
  • If you have a factory infotainment system, you’ll need a lineout converter that converts the high speaker output from the radio to a lower signal output to the amplifier. If you have an aftermarket infotainment system, you’ll not need it.  
  • You have to remove the infotainment system and to do so, you have to remove the center console covering it all the way from the driver’s side to the middle. Ensure you remove all wiring harnesses as you remove the dash.
  • Remove the bolts that hold the infotainment system. This will reveal the rear of the infotainment system where the outputs are.  
  • Connect the RAC and signal wires to the specifically labelled outputs. If you are using a lineout converter, connect it to the LOC output.  
  • Reinstall the infotainment system, wiring harnesses, and dashboard.  
install subwoofer and amplifier in jeep wrangler

Installing the subwoofer

  • Connect the subwoofer wires to the two pins on the back of the subwoofer.
  • Two clips on the back of the subwoofer hook onto two factory clips underneath the rear seats. Once you have identified these clips, push the seat forward and align the clips on the subwoofer with the clips on the seats. Then pull the seat forward, which will lock the subwoofer into place.  
  • Reconnect the negative battery terminal and test out your sound system.  


Having a great sound system in your wrangler is essential for some people, and you do not have to dig that deep into your pockets to have one.

By adding a subwoofer and amplifier, only you have a better sound system than the factory one. You can always upgrade with time by installing better door speakers and tweeters as long as all components have a power rating supported by the amplifier you have.