Ironman all country m/t tires for jeep wrangler

Ironman all country Tire for Jeep Wrangler | MT, AT, & CHT Tires for Jeep wrangler

When selecting tires for your jeep wrangler, there are a few things to consider regarding the following aspects like tire size/tire type of your Jeep, how often do you drive your wrangler? and where do you drive it?

Here, we are going to look and compare the tires for your jeep wrangler, also we are going to have an overview on how good Ironman all country tire for jeep wrangler is? So, let us see some aspects of selecting tires for jeep wrangler.

Selecting Proper Tire size 

There is a wide variety of tire sizes in the market ranging from 33-inch tires to 40-inch tires but the recommended tire sizes are between 33-inch tires to 37-inch tires. 

Different tire sizes all have their different uses and effects that they’ll have on your wrangler in terms of weight and the effect that weight will have on your vehicle mpg and fuel economy. 

Note that when adding larger tires to your wrangler you’ll have to add lift kits due to fitment issues and if you’ll go serious off-roading then a lift kit will also be necessary due to vehicle articulation regardless of the tire size that you are putting on your wrangler. 

If you are going off-roading just for a little bit then a lift kit is not necessary when putting 33-inch tires but you’ll need a lift kit and other modifications such as cutting fenders when adding 35-inch and 37-inch tires. 

Choosing Tire type based on terrain 

Ironman all country M/T Mud Terrain tire for jeep wrangler

There are different types of tires according to the terrain purpose of that tire. In this category, there are three different types of tires. 

  • Mud terrain tires (MT tires). 
  • All-terrain tires (AT tires). 
  • Commercial Highway terrain tires (CHT tires).

Mud terrain tires (MT tires) 

These are tires that are specifically suited for off-roading purposes. Not that they can’t be used on paved roads but there will be a high rolling resistance because they have aggressive tread patterns and they have massive gripping power. 

This rolling resistance will negatively affect your mpg. They also have a longer mileage and are made to be extremely durable. 

They also have tough sidewalls to absorb the impact of hard rocks and other off-roading obstacles. These tires are noisy when driven on the road due to the size of the treads. 

Ironman All Country M/T- 16″

  • Size – LT285/75R16
  • Rim Size – 16 Inch
  • Load Index – 126
  • Load Capacity – 3086 Pounds
  • Speed Rating – Q

Ironman All Country M/T – 17″

  • Size – LT265/70/17
  • Rim Size – 17 Inch
  • Load Index – 121
  • Load Capacity – 2910 Pounds
  • Speed Rating – Q

Ironman All Country M/T – 18″

  • Size – LT275/65/18
  • Rim Size – 18 Inch
  • Load Index – 123
  • Load Capacity – 3086 Pounds
  • Speed Rating – Q


  • The massive grip that comes in handy when off-roading. 
  • Most of these tires are made to be puncture resistant and also are resistant to cuts and chips. 
  • Because they are made with tough sidewalls and most have 3 ply sidewalls they can run on low psi and this improves performance on off-road conditions. 
  • Long-lasting due to the massive tread design. 


  • Reduced handling on paved roads. 
  • Loud noises on paved roads. 
  • Reduced mpg due to their weight and rolling resistance due to the massive grip that they have.

All-terrain tires (AT tires)  

This is the type of tire that most wrangler owners prefer. It can be used on both off-road and paved roads. They are slightly lighter than the mud-terrain tires and have less aggressive treads. 

They provide good performance on all driving instances that’s why they are preferred by most drivers. 

Ironman All Country A/T – 16″

  • Size – P245/75R16
  • Rim Size – 16 Inch
  • Load Index – 111
  • Load Capacity – 1925 Pounds
  • Speed Rating – T

Ironman All Country A/T – 17″

  • Size – P265/65R17
  • Rim Size – 17 Inch
  • Load Index – 112
  • Load Capacity – 1925 Pounds
  • Speed Rating – T

Ironman All Country A/T – 18″

  • Size – P275/65R18
  • Rim Size – 18 Inch
  • Load Index – 116
  • Load Capacity – 1925 Pounds
  • Speed Rating – T


  • All-round usage – these are designed to be used in all terrains as opposed to mud-terrain and highway terrain tires. 
  • Reinforced sidewalls provide better off-road usability but they are not as good off-road as compared to mud-terrain tires. 
  • They have an open tread design that improves traction on off-road surfaces and adequate handling on paved roads. 


  • They also produce some noise when being used on paved roads. 
  • They have shorter tread life as they are made with softer rubber as compared to all-terrain tires that can be used on several terrains. 
  • As compared to highway terrain tires, they give the vehicle lower mpg since they have more grip.

Commercial Highway terrain tires (CHT tires) 

These are tires that are specifically made to be used on paved roads. They are lightweight and have shallower treads as compared to all-terrain and mud-terrain tires 

Ironman All Country CHT – 16″

  • Size – LT245/75R16
  • Rim Size – 16 Inch
  • Load Index – 120
  • Load Capacity – 3086 Pounds
  • Speed Rating – Q

Ironman All Country CHT – 17″

  • Size – LT265/70R17
  • Rim Size – 17 Inch
  • Load Index – 121
  • Load Capacity – 3086 Pounds
  • Speed Rating – Q

Ironman All Country CHT – 18″

  • Size – LT275/65R18
  • Rim Size – 18 Inch
  • Load Index – 123
  • Load Capacity – 3086 Pounds
  • Speed Rating – R


  • Fuel efficient compared to other types of tires. 
  • Provide a better on-road driving experience and better handling. 
  • Longer treads. 


  • Not at all favorable for off-road use.

Best Ironman All Country tire for Winter and Snow 

Winter tires are designed to handle cold weather driving conditions. Are made of soft rubber that can stay flexible in freezing temperatures and this also creates a better grip on slippery surfaces. If you are looking to buy Winter Tires you should select All Terrain Tires that might get the job done.

The tread depths and patterns are also designed to push out snow. Some of these tires may contain studs which also increase grip on icy surfaces. 

Some states have regulations concerning studded tires thus one should check with the authorities before using studded tires. 


  • Improved grip, braking, and handling on icy surfaces. 


  • Studded tires can damage roads. 
  • Due to the soft rubber that these tires are made of, they tend to wear out quickly and it is recommended to use them in only winter weather driving conditions to preserve them.

Choosing based on How often you drive Jeep wrangler and where do you drive it? 

This also comes down to the type of tire that you want to use on your wrangler, if you are a casual off-roader the all-weather terrain tires are good for you, hardcore off-roaders should go for the mud-terrain tires, and for those who prefer staying on paved roads, they should go for the Highway-terrain tires. 

Different companies produce all kinds of tires but we’ll focus on Ironman all country mud-terrain tires from Hercules tires. 

Ironman all country M/T Mud Terrain tire for jeep wrangler

Hercules tires are among the best and most preferred brands of tires by wrangler owners and other off-road vehicle owners. Hercules tires have a wide variety of tires and among them is the all-country mud terrain tire. 

The “all country” feature means that the tires can be used on different surfaces e.g., snow, sand, ice, hard rocks, and many more. We’ll look at the performance and handling of this tire on different surfaces but we have to look at the structure and other features of this tire. 

Ironman All Country M/T Tires have the following features that makes it one of the most preferred tires:

  • Shoulder blocks – This help shovel way slit, sand, and snow and also enhance traction. 
  • Three-ply side walls – this protects against cuts and tire tearing. 
  • Void ratio – aids self-cleaning capabilities in muddy conditions and in snow driving.  
  • They can be studded – they can be studded for that extra grip when driving on icy surfaces. 

Type of terrains Ironman All Country tires does better job

Iron man all country tires are available in 31-inch, 33-inch, 35-inch, 37-inch, and 40-inch sizes all compatible with different rim sizes starting from 15-inch to 26-inch respectively. The larger the tire size, the larger the rim size.  

Iron man all country as stated earlier can be used in several terrains. Such terrains consist of the following:

  • Sandy terrains.
  • Dry terrains.
  • Wet terrains.

sandy terrains 

If you want to know how a tire performs on the sand, you have to take it to sandy terrains. If your wrangler does not sink in the snow, then you have a good tire. 

This particular tire doesn’t handle sandy driving terrain as well as sand tires that are specifically made for this terrain but it handles itself well. 

The trick to driving on sandy terrains and avoid sinking in the sand is always driving straight, do not accelerate that hard and when cornering, do it softly. 

The Ironman all-country MT tire handles perfectly on sandy terrains if you follow the stated hacks for driving on such terrains. 

Dry terrains 

Such terrains include both dry tarmac and dry off-road terrains. These tires are not usually made for tarmac driving thus on tarmac they’ll not handle better than when been used off-road, though there is lesser noise there is a lot of grip and friction which wears put the tires and also reduces your wrangler’s mpg. 

On dry off-road terrains, these tires provide the toughness and grip required to tackle off-road obstacles. The tough shoulder blocks increase the grip of the tires and the self-cleaning design of the tires ensures that little or no obstacles get stuck on the tire treads thus maintaining grip even in extremely muddy conditions. 

Wet terrains 

These include winter weather driving conditions and wet off-road terrains such as swamps and muddy trails. Many tires do not perform that well on snow especially if they’re not studded. 

But Ironman all-country MT tires handle well than most especially if you do not over accelerate and avoid cornering aggressively because if you happen to do so, you’ll find your vehicle sliding away. Due to the self-cleaning property, snow and Ice barely sticks in between the treads. 

This feature also prevents mud from getting in between the treads when driving in swampy and muddy trails thus traction is maintained. 

During heavy downpours when driving on the tarmac, handling, braking, and cornering is also perfect due to the massive grip that these tires have. 

There are a couple of reasons why Iron man all country tires are among the preferred tires by wrangler owners. They include the following 

Very affordable 

Iron man all-country MT tires are affordable and are considers to be the best tires on a budget. These tires cost three or two times less than tires from big brands. 

They may not provide exceptional results but they are the best tires as compared to other tires within that price range. Ironman all country MT tires cost between 115$ to 480$ depending on the quantity and size that you need. 

Ironman all country M/T Mud Terrain tire for jeep wrangler

This is a bargain compared to other tires. These tires last for about 40,000 miles to 80,000 miles depending on how often you use the tires thus you can be assured that they’ll last for a while before they need replacing. 

But if you can go for higher-priced tires like Pirelli and good year, it is advisable to do so as they are better than the ironman all-country MT tires, when buying anything a lower price always indicates lower quality than the higher-priced items. 

Low-priced tires also lack warranties or come with a shorter warranty period as compared to higher-priced tires thus it is advisable to go for higher-priced tires if you can do so. If the warranty is for a longer period, it shows that the company has confidence in their tires and vice versa to lower-priced tires. 


For the price they come at, these tires having the self-cleaning feature is one of the reasons that makes wrangler owners go for it. 

This feature comes in handy when driving on snow, silt, and muddy surfaces as when these obstacles get stuck in between the treads, traction is minimized. 

Comfy rides 

These tires are surprisingly not that much noisy and bumpy when driving on paved roads which makes them a favorite among some tire buyers. 

However, these tires have some disadvantages as stated below 

  • Ironman all-country MT tires lack tread life warranties. 
  • There is not much to choose from since there is limited tire choice. 
  • Treadwear is not that good. 
  • Not ideal for driving in extreme winter weather conditions. 


Iron man all country MT tires are the best tires you should go for if you are on a budget. These tires have an 8.7-star rating out of 10 which is good for a tire within that price range. 

If you are on a budget and you badly need tires for your wrangler then go for the Iron-man all country MT tires but if you can afford to go deeper into your pockets it is advisable to go for other brands as the more the price the better the quality.  

Some features of these tires are sometimes, only found on high range tires and this is what makes these tires stand out among other tires in their price range and that’s why they are preferred by drivers who want good tires on a budget.