Jeep wrangler B&M precision manual sport shifter

Jeep wrangler B&M precision manual sport shifter and manual shifter stick installation

B&M initially made manual gear shifters for racing cars, and then they decided to make jeep wranglers shifters.  
The shifter and stick shifter assembly is found on top of a vehicle’s gearbox assembly and are used to shift from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and reverse gears.

The shifter and stick shift assembly comprises the shift knob, shift knob lock nut, retaining boot springs, shift boots, and the shift assembly. Most wrangler owners prefer aftermarket shifters as the stock pops gears when under stress, such as off-roading. Most aftermarket precision shifters provide solid transmissions between gears, unlike the stock shifters. 

The Jeep wrangler B&M precision manual sport shifter is an aftermarket shifter that replaces the stock shifter. It is made of a stainless-steel shift knob with an aluminum base. The shifter assembly requires periodic maintenance after intervals which mainly depend on a driver’s driving frequency and conditions that a driver is driving in. 

Signs that the stock shifter and stick assembly are worn out

hard to shift gears 

This happens when you find it hard shifting the gear lever from one gear to another. This might be caused by the shifter’s worn-out internals, bearings, shift cables, or the transmission itself is misaligned. It might also be an issue with the oil. When the oil level is low, or you put the incorrect type of oil, it will also lead to this.  

Being stuck on one gear 

The shifter linkages might have an issue. The shifter assembly might be sitting wrongly on the linkages, or the linkages on the shifter have an issue. However, keep in mind that this might be caused by the clutch not fully releasing 

Slipping when gears 

This is caused by worn-out linkages either from the shifter transfer case or the transmission. Suppose the linkages on either of these are worn out. In that case, there will be minimal contact between the worn-out linkages and the operational linkages, thus slipping when you change gears.

Jeep wrangler B&M precision manual sport shifter

The transmission linkages are stronger and more durable than the shifter transfer case linkages. So when you notice slipping when changing gears, it’s probably the linkages on the transfer case that are worn out.  

Grinding noise when changing gears  

The linkages on either the transmission or the shifter have worn out. But in most cases, it’s the shifter as most drivers force it when it slips.

Tools required to complete this installation process

B&M Prescision Manual Sportshifter

  • This new B&M Precision Manual Sport Shifter comes with NSG370 6-Speed Manual Transmission is Compatible with 2005-2018 Jeep Wrangler TJ/JK.
  • It features a CNC billet aluminum case with an electric blue anodized finish.
  • It contains internal components made from 4140 Chromoly & reduces the shift-throw by over 35% compared to factory shifters.
  • Adjustments have been made to significantly increase the detent pressure, creating a noticeably stiffer shift feel & preventing the transmission from popping out of gear. 

B&M Shifter Stick

  • This is the best replacement for factory stick precision shifter or B&M Jeep JK Shifter.
  • This B&M shifter stick comes with a new and improved ergonomic bends for improved shifting comfort.
  • It has a High Performance ratio and you can also use it for your off-road adventures.
  • The entire B&M 4600 shifter stick comes with a durable black E-coated Finish.

How to install the B&M precision shifter and stick assembly 

  • Remove the shifter knob and the transfer case knob. If they are hard to remove, use a strap wrench to remove them. Remove the collar on the bottom of the knob, too, and pull the knobs off.  
  • Remove all the screws at the base and the center of the center console. Then pull up the handbrake far up, then yank the center console off. Remove any electrical harnesses that are on the center console 
  • An inner boot around the shifter needs to be removed; it comes off quite easily. 
  • To remove the stick shifter, you need to remove the bolt that secures it into place. If it can’t get odd by hand, you have to improvise and hold it with a vice grip, then hit it with a hammer.  
  • Remove the shifter unit. You have to remove a foam first, and you have to go underneath your wrangler to remove it.
  • Use a jack stand or creeper to go under you wrangler. Remove the skid plate on your tranfer case. In older models you don’t have to lower the gas tank but in the new model you have to remove 6-8 bolts and loosen rear bolts on the gas tank to lower. Around 4 bolts are interconnected on the gas tank and crossmember so you have to remove and lower it to 4-5 inches.
  • Once it is done now lower the transmission crossmember by removing 2 bolts on each side. Before you remove place the jack stand on the centre of the transimission crossmember and remove the bolts so that it doesnt fall or get damaged. You can use the rubber mallet to knock it to loosen the stiffness of the transimmion and lower the jack accordingly.
  • You are able now to remove the foam, pushing it from underneath through the transmission tunnel. If it does not come out ultimately, remove it from the top. You can buy a new seal gear foam if the old one is worn out or damaged while removing.  
  • Ensure the shifter is in a neutral position, then remove the Torx nuts at each corner then gently pull it out of the transmission tunnel 
  • If you use the old foam doughnut, the housing of the B&M shifter won’t fit, and you have to trim the foam. If you’re buying a new foam, ensure the B&M shifter can fit. Place the B&M shifter on the foam and mark it around it, then trim the foam.  
  • Installing the new shifter. The B&M shifter comes with a gasket that you install on the underside of the shifter, and it has a dowel pin that holds it into position. Ensure the new shifter lines up properly with the transmission linkages. 
  • You can use the old bolts to secure the new transmission onto the transmission. You’ll have to raise the transmission to tighten the bolts but lower it again to install the foam.  
  • After reinstalling the bolts, lower the transmission to reinstall the foam around the new B&M shifter. 
  • You’ll have to go underneath your wrangler to raise the transmission and bolt in the cross member. 
  • After this, raise the fuel tank and bolt it in. if your wrangler had a skid plate, also bolt it in.  
  • Install the sport shifter and bolt the original screws. You can now reinstall the center console and once it is done put on the new B&M Shifter knob and spin it to lock it in place with the wrench under the knob. You can use the stock shifter but it will be a good combo to go with their B&M sport shifter.

How do the B&M precision shifter and stick work? 

Most people conceive that the only difference between the B&M shifter assembly and the stock shifter assembly is that the stick is smaller. This is true but not the entire truth. The shaft is smaller; thus, the gearing angle will be different. The alter point will alter as well.

Jeep wrangler B&M precision manual sport shifter

The stick will only reduce the distance that your hand moves while shifting gears. But the hidden part of the gearing stick in the B&M precision shifter is the same distance as the stock one; thus, it operates in the same way as the original shifter assembly. The B&M precision shifter does not slip or skip gears even in the tightest situation, such as climbing steep inclines. 

Pros of using B&M shifter setup 

  • Due to the short-shifting movement of the hand when shifting, you can shift quickly between gears quicker than the stock shift stick. 
  • It is very easy to install.
  • A good upgrade over the stock shifter.
  • The aluminum composition of the shifter makes the shifter set up extremely durable. 
  • Changes the tactile response of the driver as it makes the driver more responsive.
  • There are no slips when shifting, and shifting from one gear to another is flawless and quick.

Cons  of using B&M shifter setup

  • The transmission might wear out a little quicker as the short shifter exerts more pressure on the shifting forks and the synchros. 
  • Once the shifter heats up, it becomes harder to shift gears.
  • It might take a while getting used to, and you find yourself throwing your arm farther forward or backward when shifting.   


The stock manual transmission on the jeep wrangler is built to last, but it’s not at its best under challenging conditions. You might find it hard shifting, especially when climbing a steep hill. The shifting time is longer, and you end up losing control of your wrangler, or it turns off when you release the clutch.

Some wrangler owners upgrade to the B&M stick shifter setup after getting bored of the stock shifter setup. At the same time, others wait until the stock shifter starts showing signs of wearing out.  

The B&M shifter setup is very efficient, and you’ll notice its capabilities over the stock shifter when off-roading. It provides solid engagement for every gear shifted due to the spring-loaded detents.

Jeep wrangler B&M precision manual sport shifter

It also reduces shifter throws by 35% less than the stock shifter setup. You can use the wrangler’s stock stick with the B&M shifter setup, but it won’t work as well with the B&M shifter setup.  

The B&M shifter setup internals is made of Chromoly steel, and the case is billet aluminum. This structural composition makes it durable. It does not need regular servicing, unlike the stock shifter due to this.

When installed properly and the shifter and transmission linkages align appropriately with each other, you can use it for years without it needing internal replacements or servicing.