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Jeep Wrangler without doors and mirrors, is it illegal to drive?

As a current or potential jeep wrangler owner, one of the reasons for choosing a jeep wrangler is doorless cruising as most people consider this cool as there is a wider field of view that comes with driving a jeep wrangler without doors. 

There are a few requirements a jeep wrangler owner has to meet before he decides to go doorless on his jeep wrangler. There are both safety requirements and legal requirements before doing this. Read completely on how Jeep wrangler without doors works? First, let us discuss the legal requirements for driving a jeep wrangler without doors.

Legal requirements of driving jeep without doors

Requirement for States in the US

Mentioned State in the US

States that don't have any specific requirement for vehicle mirrors in the US

States that require at least one mirror on the vehicle in the US

States that allow one mirror with modification on the vehicle in the US

States that require two mirrors on the vehicle in the US

States that allow two mirrors with modification on the vehicle in the US

It is completely legal to take off your doors and drive doorless but when taking out the doors off your wrangler the side mirrors are coming out too since they are usually attached to the doors. No vehicle in any state is allowed on the road without side mirrors so if you are going doorless you need to find an option to equipping your jeep wrangler with side mirrors. This is because most state regulations are that a driver must be able to see incoming cars from behind,  

There are some ways in which you can put side mirrors on your jeep wrangler without the doors but they all have their pros and cons.  

They include the following: 

  • Door hinge relocation
  • Windshield pillar relocation
  • Tube door relocation
  • Stock mirror relocation 

Door hinge relocation 

This is the most common mirror relocation point. Mirrors are installed exactly where the door hinges are supposed to go in when re-installing back the doors.

Door Hinge for Jeep Wrangler Jk

Door Hinge for Jeep Wrangler JL & JT


  • Provides a quick installation and removal method.  
  • The cheapest mirror re-installation method.  
  • This is the best method if you are looking for the simplest way to comply with state laws.  


  • The side mirrors are much lower compared to when they are in stock position thus driver visibility is affected.  
  • There is a lot of wind noise and vibrations due to the change in position as the doors usually prevent the driver and passengers from experiencing that.  
  • Driver comfortability is affected when trying to use the side mirrors. 

Windshield Pillar relocation 

This is another common option for jeep wrangler owners for mirror relocation. This is a better option compared to door hinge relocation as it does a proper job in positioning the side mirrors higher than hinge relocation and also puts the mirrors more in line with the stock mirror location. Many of these mirrors are available with a quick-release system and a bracket that secures the mirror to the windshield pillar’s frame bolts.

Windshield Pillar for Jeep Wrangler Jk

Windshield Pillar for Jeep Wrangler Jl & JT


  • They provide better visibility.  
  • Provides a quick method of installation and removal.  
  • Visibility is stable and consistent. 


  • There are still vibrations and wind noise since they extend too far away from the body of the jeep.  
  • They have a huge price tag compared to door hinge relocation.  
  • Semi-permanent base attached to the windshield pillar. 

Tube door relocation 

This is another option for replacing mirrors, it’s the best option for you if you still want to maintain that “door feeling” and keep the mirrors as close as possible to the stock location. In this method, you don’t have to buy a new pair of side mirrors as they provide a provision for installing side mirrors. You must keep in mind that you have to buy tube doors but if you need them then you have no other choice.

Tube Door with Mirror for Jeep Wrangler JK

Tube Door with Mirror Bracket for Jeep Wrangler JL & JT


  • You don’t have to buy a new pair of side mirrors as tube doors utilize the stock jeep wrangler side mirrors.  
  • Ideal views as there are no or minimal changes in positioning.  
  • There is no or minimal vibration and wind noise as tube doors utilize the stock side mirrors and there are no or minimal changes in position.  


  • This is the most expensive method as compared to other mirror relocation methods as it requires purchasing expensive tube doors.  

Stock Mirror relocation

This is done by installing the side- mirrors in the same position as stock. This is the ideal height and position for the best angle of driver visibility. It’s done by mounting bracketed side mirrors to the side panel of your jeep wrangler.

Stock Mirror for All Jeep Models


  • Minimal or no vibration and wind noise as it is minimal or no change in position  
  • It is fairly cheap.  
  • Driver visibility is not affected.    


  • One has to acquire the bracketed side mirrors.  

remove doors on jeep wrangler in 10 steps:

Jeep Wrangler without doors

If you are a new jeep wrangler owner or you just want to take off your doors, here is a quick step-by-step procedure on how to do it. Also, It is not recommended to do it by yourself, consult an expert before doing this.  

  • Gather the needed equipment and hardware. It comes with the jeep if you don’t have the stock kit you should buy one of the automotive kit it will come in handy if you are doing DIY projects on your jeep.
  • Fold in the front doors side mirrors – this is important as it helps protect the side mirrors when the doors are in storage. 
  • Roll down the windows – this keeps the window panes from breaking in case of an accident when removing the doors or when in storage and also makes it easier to lift the doors up and off the car.  
  • Unstrapping the safety straps that attach the doors to the vehicle’s body.   
  • Carefully remove the footwell under the dashboard and disconnect any power cables that power the door locks and power windows.  
  • Remove the nuts and bolts that secure the door onto the door hinges and keep them in a safe place just in case you may need to put your doors back on.  
  • Pull the doors up and off the car holding the door by the inner door handles as this provides a better holding position thus reducing the probability of dropping the doors.  
  • After you have done this on all doors disable the door alarm and light. Use the owner’s manual to locate the “door jam defeat”.
  • Once you have located it, use nose-pliers to remove it and this will disable the door alarm and light.
  • Note that this is not applicable for some wrangles and owners are advised to seek professional help when doing this when they’re not sure of what they are doing.  

Store it after removal

To keep your doors safe from any damage you can wrap them up in a blanket and put them away from a high traffic area or hang them on wall hinges.

We highly recommend you check this door hanger that fits all kinds of Jeep Models to easily fit on the wall.

Why should you remove your doors? 

Jeep Wrangler without doors

Every jeep wrangler owner was a reason as to why he/she decides to remove doors on the wrangler. Some even go to the extent of removing the top too. Some common reasons include the following.  

  • Reducing the overall weight of the vehicle.  
  • For off-roading purposes.  
  • Looks of your Jeep. 
  • Freedom and comfort.  
  • Adding tube doors. 

Reducing weight  

The doors add some significant weight to the car and removing them will definitely reduce the overall weight of the car. This helps especially if you are modifying your wrangler for off-roading purposes and you need to add lift kits, larger tires, and other off-roading equipment. It will also help in increasing your mpg since the lesser the weight the more mpg you get. 

Off-roading purposes 

If you are the kind of person who loves to get dirty when off-roading then you can go ahead and remove your doors. One can also easily see the vehicle’s tires when the doors are off as well as the terrain obstacles. This helps the driver to get the vehicle out of tricky situations with ease.  

Looks of your Vehicle

A wrangler without doors will have that mean and unique mean wrangler look that some owners desire to have. Driving in one without doors will instill some pride in the driver since the vehicle gets more attention than a normal wrangler with doors on especially if it has a lift kit and bigger tires than stock.  

Freedom and comfort  

One can always feel the freedom of cruising while taking in all the fresh air, this would not happen with doors on but always ensure you have your safety belt bucked in properly and keep your hands and legs in the car at all time to avoid accidents.

Having doors off also allows one to get into the vehicle with ease compared to manually unlocking the doors to get in the vehicle. 

Adding tube doors 

Adding tube doors will make a wrangler look even more rugged and more ready to hit trails. Some owners prefer tube doors rather than having that empty door space or having a full door.

Tube doors are great since they also provide some safety and do not block any views or the wind so the driver continues to enjoy the comfort and freedom that he/she is looking for by removing the doors. There also some issues jeep wrangler owners fail to address when taking off their doors and such issues consist of the following 


Jeep Wrangler without doors

This should be put into considerations especially when driving on highways. Most highways have a minimum speed limit at which a driver should drive and at these speeds, you never know what is going to happen.

In case of an accident and you are in a doorless wrangler chances of getting hurt severely are high as compared to getting involved in an accident and your wrangler has doors on it. Experts advise that you should have doors off mostly when off-roading as you can’t drive at high speeds when off-roading and only minor accidents happen.

Always have your seatbelt on if you are driving in your doorless wrangler whether on paved roads or off-road trails. If you want to you can install a roll-bar for added safety especially when off-roading and your vehicle rolls over. Below are things to keep in mind when driving a jeep wrangler without doors.

The location you are driving your jeep  

Some areas experience harsh weather conditions like heavy rainfall, snowfalls, and heavy winds. It is not recommended to drive a doorless jeep in such conditions and you are prone to accidents due to low visibility caused by such factors.

Such weather conditions might also damage the vehicle’s interior parts like the air vents and you might end up digging deep into your pockets to replace such parts 

Be considerable of your passengers 

If you are going to have passengers in your car, make sure each one of them is comfortable with you having the doors off your wrangler, and make sure all safety belts are functional before you have passengers in your car.

It is also not advisable to have children in a doorless vehicle even if you have a baby seat in your doorless wrangler. Cold winds may cause the kids to have colds also kids can be naughty sometimes and you do not want anything to happen especially in a doorless vehicle 


Removing your jeep Wrangler’s door is not at all illegal provided that your vehicle still has side mirrors. Some countries and states require only one side mirror as a minimum and others too but having both are important as it gives the driver a better view of the cars behind him and this helps avoid accidents.

If you want to go off-roading then you’ll re-attach your doors later after that, it’s not a must to have side mirrors as they can get damaged while off-roading and you’ll have a wider view without the doors on so there is no need for them. Always remember to check your safety belts before removing your doors.

If you have problems while removing your doors do not force it, seek professional help from an expert to avoid damaging your vehicle. Front and rear crash safety is not compromised as the jeep designed and tested the wrangler’s safety with doors off and doors on so there is nothing much to worry about concerning that.