camping mods for jeep wrangler

Simple & efficient camping mods for jeep wrangler you should consider having

If you are going to go camping on your jeep wrangler, there are modifications and necessities that you require to have on your wrangler to enjoy the camping experience with it. Following are some suggestions and aspects on deciding to buy camping mods for jeep wrangler.

We’ll review the most important ones and give you tips that you should consider when choosing some of this equipment to avoid choosing equipment that is not good or equipment that will not suit you. But when it comes to camping you can decide to accessorize your jeep depending on the following 

  • Number of people you’ll take camping. 
  • The number of days that you’ll spend camping. 
  • The budget that you have for camping mods and equipment. 

Based on these stated above you can either decide to: 

  • Modify your jeep for living in it. 
  • Modify your jeep to carry essential camping equipment. 

Modifying your jeep for living in it 

camping mods for jeep wrangler

This does not require as much as technical modifications and sophisticated equipment but you will need to sacrifice a huge amount of space in your wrangler for you to be able to enjoy this. 

This method is usually suitable if you don’t want to spend much and the maximum capacity it can cater for is two people. It is not suitable for 2-door jeeps but I will explain how you can utilize a 2-door jeep to the maximum without having to modify it that much. 

For a four-door wrangler, you have to take out the rear passenger seats and install a raised drawer-like raised platform that acts as a bed and also as a storage space for other stuff that you’ll need when camping. 

Space will accommodate a maximum of two people when sleeping and the space beneath the platform will hold whatever else you need i.e., cutlery, wardrobe essentials, repair kits, and lots of other stuff. A four-door jeep is long enough to fit all that 2 people need. You can also fit a small tent beneath the platform if you feel like using it sometimes. 

Fuel and water storage cans are also very important when going camping. For this, you can buy after-market cans and can holders that are attached to the rear bumper or you can add a simple roof rack for holding these container holders. 

But fuel containers are not that much necessary if you fill up your wrangler’s fuel tank as that is more than enough fuel for a camping expedition.  

For a two-door wrangler, it can only accommodate a maximum of one person since it has little space in it and you can only remove the passenger seat. 

If you want to increase the camping capability of a 2-door wrangler you have to add a roof rack as a tent installation platform. 


  • It is cheaper as compared to other methods of camping. 
  • Does not add much weight to the vehicle so your wrangler’s fuel economy is not affected in a huge way. 
  • It is easy and does not require a lot of skills to modify your wrangler into a mobile home rather than taking it to an expert to modify it for you. 


  • You’ll not have as much space as compared to outdoor camping. 
  • It is hard to keep track of everything you have since you are in a cramped-up space. 
  • Cannot accommodate more than 2 people hence less fun. 

Modifying your jeep to carry essential camping equipment 

There are a couple of modifications you can do to your wrangler for camping purposes especially if you are going to stay “off the grid” for a while. You’ll also need to carry with you some recreational equipment that is necessary for camping and you cannot do without. 

Camping is a thrilling adventure and without the necessary equipment, you might not get to enjoy that adventure. Safety equipment is also very important when going camping, this is something many campers forget to consider while preparing to go camping. Some of the modifications you should consider undertaking on your wrangler for camping are listed below.  

  • Simple & Best Camping Essentials That Will Save Your Day
  • Tents (Ground or Roof Top Tent) with sleep-in capabilities.
  • Vehicle repair kit in case of an emergency. 
  • You’ll need a roof rack or a trailer or both depending on the amount of equipment you’ll carry.

Simple & best camping essentials that will save your day

Here are couple of other equipment and modifications that you can have on your wrangler when going camping, especially in remote areas.


Having spotlights either on your vehicle or at hand if you are going to spend the night camping. This is to enhance night vision as your wrangler’s lights cannot provide enough lighting during the night. Fog lights are a necessity too if you are going camping in winter weather conditions.

Spare Parts

You should always carry spare replacements for your wrangler in case any damages become too much to repair when camping. Such spare equipment should include, spare tires, and spare batteries.

Traction Mat & Winch

You should also have equipment such as traction mats and also add a winch to your wrangler. Such equipment will help when you get stuck in tricky off-road terrains.

Satellite Phone or Two-way Radio

Since some places may have poor network reception, a satellite phone or a two-way radio is an important piece of equipment that you should have. These hold a charge for a long and can be used to communicate even in low reception areas and they can help in case of an emergency.


If you are going to spend some days camping, then you need to stock foodstuff. You should carry a refrigerator to keep the food fresh with wet food to prepare when you need to or carry dry food that does not need any preparation to be edible.

Electric Cooker

Having electric cookers is much safer than gas cookers and it saves you some extra modding as it is just plug and play but you can always light a campfire when you need to prepare something or just get some heat.

Portable Heater

A portable heater is a must to have in cold winter on a jeep. When the temp drops to a minus degree you should have something to make the surroundings warm yourself. With a portable heater, you can use it on your rooftop tent or inside the jeep.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags are much easier to use and they’re lightweight and compact than mattresses. This enables them to be fit in any space when folded and they do not also take as much space as compared to mattresses.

Freeze dried meals

Freezed meals comes handy in tight situations. If there is winter storm and you can not get out to cook or light up a campfire these dried meals will save your day.

First Aid Kit

First aid kits should be the top priority before you set out camping. Some wrangler sellers equip their wranglers with first aid kit but if yours doesn’t have one you should make it a priority to get one before setting out for camping.

Tents for camping 

camping mods for jeep wrangler

When selecting a tent, you can choose between a ground tent or a rooftop tent that is usually pitched on a strong roof rack. Ground tents are suitable if you are camping with a group of people since they are larger than rooftop tents and can accommodate more people. 

Rooftop tents are ideal for one or a maximum of two people and can be uncomfortable when shared by those two people. Rooftop tents are not customizable as ground tents. 

Due to their spacious nature ground tents can be accessorized to increase the comfortability of the occupants. However, you can also have small ground tents if the people camping prefers not to share a common tent or the number of people camping is less. 

There are a couple of factors to consider when purchasing a tent, they include the following. 

Number of people that the tent can accommodate 

When selecting a tent and the seller indicates that the tent can fit five people, I would accommodate that number but as a tight fit so have in mind that the tent will fit a maximum of four people comfortably with some extra space for accessories and storage. 

Consider the height of the tent too when buying one as some users might be uncomfortable in the tent because of its height. 

Conditions of use 

There are one-season tents, all-season tents, or select-season tents. One-season tents are made for use in one specific weather condition and can cause negative effects on the users when used in other weather conditions or even get damaged. 

All-season tents are used in all weather conditions, these are usually expensive than other types of tents due to their all-around usability. Select season tents are mostly dual climate tents that can be used in two weather conditions, there are tri-weather conditions tents but you’d rather go for an all-season tent since the price difference is very minimal. 

One-season tents are the cheapest but cheap is always not durable than expensive as they are usually made of simple materials. Tents that can be used in multiple weather conditions are the best since you can use them at any time of the year. 

Weight and material of the tent 

Most tents are either made of canvas or nylon. Canvas tents are waterproof but they become heavy when they absorb water. However, they are long-lasting and don’t get damaged quickly as compared to nylon-made tents. 

Nylon tents are waterproof too but they tend to get damaged by sunlight. Tent poles should also be made of strong materials that can cope with strong winds. 

Zips should be coated or made of non-rusting materials and should cover all of your tent’s opening to prevent insects from intruding and also to keep the occupants warm. 

Tents should be not too heavy as this will result in difficulties in loading, offloading, and also pitching. A good tent should be lightweight to prevent any of these problems. 

Vehicle repair kit 

camping mods for jeep wrangler

When going off the grid, a minimal puncture repair kit is very important but even before you decide to do so, perform a check on your wrangler or seek help from an expert to perform a check so that you might not have major issues that cannot be mended wherever you are going. That simple repair kit might be of need in case you have a puncture or your vehicle stalls. 

A roof Rack or a trailer 

If you are going to carry some heavy equipment e.g., recreational vehicles you’ll need a roof rack or a utility trailer. A roof rack is suitable for carrying lightweight but large equipment that cannot fit in your wranglers such as bicycles, fishing equipment, and kayaks, and also some other equipment that is not that heavy.  

Trailers are used to carry heavier stuff such as quad bikes and motorboats. These two can also be used to carry all of the luggage to maximize the passenger capability of your wrangler.  

If you are going to get a roof rack then a body on frame roof rack is the best option since it is more stable as part of it is attached to the wrangler’s chassis thus it can hold more weight as compared to other types of roof racks. It’s expensive and heavy but that is a small price to pay for its capability.  

If you are going to get a trailer then a flatbed trailer is ideal as it has less weight, can carry more weight, and is more practical as compared to other types of utility trailers. After setting up camp and offloading everything off the trailer, it can be used to set up a kitchen area due to its flat nature. It can also be used to pitch tents. 

In many ways, a flatbed trailer is better than a roof rack but it’s easier to maneuver a wrangler with a roof rack than a wrangler with a flatbed trailer especially when off-roading. But, your choice on either a roof rack or a trailer should be based on the size and the weight of whatever you need to carry for camping. 


Camping should be a fun adventure and taking the right equipment with you when going camping will determine how much you will enjoy camping. Also, you are not really limited on how to accessorize your wrangler for camping but you can consider the location and time period that you are going camping to decide on the equipment to carry and how to accessorize your wrangler.

The advantage of camping modifications is that they’re easily upgradable if you decide to increase the camping ability of your wrangler. But on the other hand, accessorizing your wrangler too much and carrying a lot of equipment adds a lot of extra weight to your wrangler and you don’t want this especially if you are going to tackle off-road obstacles when going camping.