Store Water on Jeep Wrangler for Camping

8 Best Ways to Store Water on Jeep Wrangler for Camping Offroad

Jeep wranglers are famous for their over-roading and the great adventures they provide. However, most of the experiences are taken in areas with no access to clean and safe water.

So, whether you plan to go out camping with your Jeep Wrangler or an off-road trip, you need to have water for cleanup, drinking, cooking, or even to clean your Jeep after a messy rocky offloading. 

While you can try carrying some water in a gallon, it can’t be enough to accommodate all your needs. Some Jeeps like the two doors have limited space to store over ten gallons of water which is the minimum you need. 

Read on to learn some of the best ways you can store water on Jeep wrangler for camping.

Best way to store Normal Water on jeep wrangler for camping 

You can carry water using means other than installing a bump rear water pump. Even though they might take your storage space, they provide good and reliable water storage when you go camping. These are: 

Collapsible Water Containers

Most of the collapsible water containers can store up to five gallons of water. It’s easy to store, and it doesn’t take much space. You can also add ice cubes that will provide cool refreshments on your camping trip. It’s BPA-free, sturdy, and easily portable. Unfortunately, it can crack when you overload it.

Front Runner Footwell Water Tank

The front well water tank has a design to fit well right behind the front wheels of a four-wheel Jeep Wrangler. The tank is manufactured from grade food polythene, and it’s BPA-free and had 10 gallons.

Front Runner Footwell Water Tank

  • It is Compact in shape and perfectly placed on the vehicles floor behind the front seats.
  • The top section of the water pack can be used as a non-slip floor or stacking supplies and luggages.
  • This water pack is made of food grade polyethylene and is BPA free.
  • It is designed as a standard water pack to fit into most vehicles.
  • It is equipped with 2 plastic pipe fittings on each end for the connection of a hose and tap.

As a result, it can fit in most Jeep Wrangler, and you can put other supplies and luggage on top. The tank comes with plastic pipe fittings on both sides where you can connect the tap and hose pipe, but the tap is sold separately from the tank. 

RotopaX RX-2W Water Pack 

It’s made with food-grade plastic ensuring it’s safe for storing drinking water. The container is rationally molded and saves your storing space. Some users place it on a rooftop rack while others hand it on the back of their Jeeps.

RotopaX RX-1W Water Pack

  • All the portable water containers Rotopax manufactures are molded using a patented three-layer Roto-Molding process,along with special formulated plastic barrier material.
  • Roto-molded is very durable with thicker walls and stronger construction makes it leak-proof along with a sure seal gasket to guarantee your spout won’t leak or vibrate loose.
  • Rotopax are the only rotationally molded EPA and CARB compliant containers available for purchase.
  • This water container can store upto 1.75 gallons of water in it.

There are many ways you can store depending on your creativity. It has a one-gallon capacity; you can also put on ice cubes for a day of cold water. 

Spigot Water Portable Container 

The Spigot portable water container has a capacity of 5.3 gallons. It comes with two sealing caps, an air cover inlet, a cleaning brush, and a faucet that prevents leaking and opens fast. The spigot portable water container, also known as the REDCAMP, has two holes, one big for your water input and washing and the smaller for water output, and can be attached to a pipe. 

REDCAMP Spigot Water Container

  • Spigot portable water container can only store water for outdoor and emergency purposes. It’s perfect for outdoor activities, like camping, picnic, hiking, travel, and also for few household and emergency preparedness.
  • It is easy to clean as the water container has two holes. One is large enough to put your hands inside and clean it with the brush.
  • Redcamp water container comes with a sealing cap, a water pipe, a cleaning brush, and an air inlet cover to prevent leaks.
  • This portable container is “Food-Grade” certified and environmentally friendly beacause of high-grade HDPE plastic used. It has no BPA and PVC, Hence, water taste will not be affected.
  • Redcamp offers a 365-day limited manufacturer warranty. Also, If you’re not satisfied for any reason, there’s a 100% money back guarantee available.

It’s made with HDPE high grade that is no-toxic, environmentally friendly, and does not change the taste of your water even when stored for days. 

WaterBrick Storage Container. 

WaterBrick container has a unique design to enhance your storage space. It has a capacity of 3.5 gallons that is odorless and does not change the taste or smell of your water—manufactured with thick food-grade plastic that is very durable. 

WaterBrick Stackable Storage Container

  • WaterBrick storage container are portable and comfortable, which makes it easy to carry and secure in cars and boats.
  • The unique design of the storage container securely stacks to maximize limited storage space.
  • WaterBrick container can be used as disaster relief container for storing food, water or any other essentials.
  • It is very convenient as you can stack and store it anywhere you want or you can just grab and go.
  • This storage container unlike many other can be utilized for everyday use and other emergency preparedness.

It’s also suitable for storing stacks of ice that remain solid for longer. Due to its unique design, you can stack several containers together, saving you space while carrying more water for camping. 

The container has two openings, one large for easier filling and smaller for outlet purposes. The container has a life span of fifteen years, and it doesn’t get easily damaged if it falls while it’s filled with water. 

Scepter 5 Gallon Military Water Container 

When looking for the most durable water storage for a jeep wrangler, the Scepter 5 military gallon container will sort you.  It the most affordable gallon compared with the other five water gallon containers, which are also sturdy. 

Scepter Military Water Container

  • Scepter military grade container are best suited for camping, hiking, off-road adventures, and, other emergency prepardness.
  • This water container is very easy to transport and carry around.
  • This water container is rugged, reliable, and bulit to last materials.
  • Scepter 5 is much suited for outdoor enthusiast as this water container is Light in weight, better when compared to other brands and also safer to carry.
  • This water container is made from high quality Food grade material and it has no BPA values. Hence, the taste of the water won’t be affected.
  • The military grade standard makes this water container superior to impact resistance and it comes under “universal fit” category.

Made with safe military plastic, it has a longer life span, and in case it falls from your Jeep Wrangler, it will still be intact. In addition, the plastic is BPA-free, does not add plastic odor to your water, and it’s easy to carry with your hands, and occupies a small storage space. 

With a capacity of five gallons of water, you are ensured to have toxic-free water on your camping expedition. Have a big cap for adding water, a pause that does not lick, and a small hat for output that can be attached to a hose pipe. 

Best Way To Store Drinking Water On Jeep Wrangler For Camping

 When you are planning to camp for longer with your Jeep Wrangler, you will need water storage that can last you for longer without affecting the taste or smell of your water. The premium jugs may be price, but they provide a longer life span, can store your water for months without any odor. These are: 

Lifesaver Jerrycan Water Purifier 

Lifesaver Expedition Jerrycan Water Container

  • Lifesaver Jerrycan exceeds NSF P248 Military-Grade standards for water purification, thanks to its robust system which reduces viruses, bacteria, cysts and parasites by 99. 9%.
  • It is very easy to use as you can just fill, pump and drink.
  • It can store up to 18. 5 liters of water from any source and filter, when you need it with the built-in pump and filtered spout for clean water instantly.
  • This jerrycan water container is very useful for emergency prepardness as you may never know what life will throw at you. With this you can be sure that you will have safe and clean water for every situation anytime.
  • This water container is a failsafe automatic indicator that notifies you when it is time to replace the filter, also the small carbon filters are easy to replace so you will always have access to clean water.
  • The activated carbon filter removes chlorine, taste and odor, improving the palatability of water with no need of using chlorine or chlorine tablets with harsh tastes and smells.

One unique lifesaver water container is a combination of water storage and a cleaner that saves you space, time, and every drop of water from the jug is safe for drinking. It’s made of thick and durable plastic with a capacity of 20,000 liters. 

It has a larger opening for easier input and a small hand pump for your water output. Easy to carry with your hands when loading. The water purifier consists of two filtration stages. You can draw water from contaminated sources with bacteria, cysts, or viruses without worry because they will all be filtered by the time used. 

Even though the price is on a higher-end, it saves the worry of running out of water when you have unsafe water sources. In addition, it reduces the yeast and virus by 99.9%.

The cleaner has an indicator that alerts you when you need to change the filter, which is a simple task. Apart from filtering dirt, the carbon filter also removes the non-desirable chlorine taste or any odor from your water. 

Allentain Stainless Steel Water Container 

allentian Stainless Steel Water Container

  • Allentain water container are made of 304 stainless steel material and has a thickness of 1mm. Also, it comes with a stainless steel cap and release valve.
  • It weights about 8.8 LB and has a water storage capacity of 20 Liters/ 5 Gallons.
  • It can Hold water(not hot water) and any other liquid and it comes with a spout hose equipped with filters.
  • Allentain water container are made of high quality materials and welded with exquisite workmanship, that is the reason why it is very durable and sturdy.

Unlike all other water storage containers covered, Allentain is a stainless water container with a lifetime life span and durability. It’s manufactured of 100% stainless and can carry five gallons of water. 

It can carry both hot and cold liquids, depending on your preference. It has one bigger opening for adding water to your gallon and an anaplastic sprout for your water output.

The container comes with manual instructions on eliminating the metal taste and smell all by yourself. Easy to store and stored on the back of your Jeep Wrangler or the rack and does not leak even when kept horizontally or downward. 

Best way to store water permanently on jeep wrangler

The main way you can store water on your Jeep Is by installing a tank. This precious commodity is unique to find while camping for days. You can use stand-alone gallons or install a tank or a Front/Rear bumper pump kit that carries around 4.8 gallons of water. 

Front Bumper

The front bumper of the vehcile is a best choice for storing water on your Jeep, as it will lead to less occupation of space within the vehicle. Also, it will ensure enough space is utilized for the storage of water container and any other essentials for your adventures.

Rear Bumper

The rear water pump is usually integrated into the rear bumper of your Jeep. As a result, it occupies less space, ensuring you have enough space to store all the items for your adventure.

Store Water on Jeep Wrangler for Camping

The bump rear water pump is pressurized, and it consists of a hand pump and all other fittings you may require for installing the pump. This is one of the easiest ways of storing water on a jeep wrangler.


When you prepare to go camping, remember several ways water storage for a Jeep Wrangler expedition camping. You can opt to install a tank if you still have the time and budget for it. But if you don’t and want to spend few days out in nature camping, you can use portable water containers. 

Most portable water storage containers have affordable prices and can carry enough water to meet your needs when camping. In addition, they are designed to occupy smaller spaces, so having several on your Jeep will not take much of your supplies space. 

For weeks of camping, you may need water storage containers to store your water for a long safely without altering the taste. And the premium water storage is perfect because of its long life span. In addition, some have purifiers making it easier to use water from unsafe sources while you enjoy your camping.